[Review] Crazy – Han Dong Geun

Han Dong Geun rose to the top of the charts last year with his debut track, Making A New Ending For This Story (which was actually released back in 2014 )and his 2016 comeback, Amazing You. Now, Han Dong Geun has returned to the stage with his first album, Your Diary, and the title track, Crazy.

I found it very hard to start off the review for Crazy. Mainly because words cannot describe the song. Han Dong Geun has quickly risen to the top, to be one of the best male vocalists that I have heard on the Korean music scene. All of his past works have been sufficient evidence of that and this song cements his position on my list of Best Male Vocalist. He warned us that the song may take our breath away and that is what it exactly did. He went down the ballad route, so there were no surprises there. However, his voice goes all out for this song. And that makes your generic ballad instrumental into a chart-topping worthy song. The chorus is just pure bliss. The melody was amazing and I love the further build-up within the chorus. What also makes this song so good is that his voice does not leave you hanging. Instead, he brings it down to a suitable level and continues on. Even though I do not understand Korean, the level of emotion that his voice delivers to the song is remarkable and can be felt throughout, from the start to the very end. Overall, if you love a good ballad or need some sort of warmth in your day, this is the song to check out and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

The music video matches the heartbreak that is expressed in the song. Essentially what we see in the video is that the girl moves back into the house but is constantly reminded of her relationship, where in reality it had already ended. She tries her best to forget everything, like burning all the pictures (how cliche is that) and breaking the presents he gave her. However, it is not enough and she slowly starts going crazy, imagining him there with her. I guess at the end, we see scratches on her legs, which may indicate that she caused harm to herself. My assumption with the ending of the video is that she took her life and woke up in heaven, to which her imaginative boyfriend opened the door to the light and that left a smile on her face. We must applaud the actress in the video because her acting was amazing. It made everything feel more captivating and interesting to watch. You feel the coldness in scenes (that or I should turn my heater on) but Han Dong Geun’s voice makes it feel warmer, despite him singing about heartbreak and loss.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10


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