[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of May 2017

Oh wow, time is going too quickly. Welcome to the 4th Week of May 2017. It’s the end of semester and I have exam preparation and one more group assignment to do (I dread these assignments the most). However, I think I have enough time to write reviews up until next Sunday. I will be needing a few days to focus on exams, but as soon as the first two are over, it’s back to the daily grind of review writing and more studying. And that is the end of my weekly update. So. I hope you all had an amazing week and without further ado, I present to you the charts for this week!

Taking first place this week is Seventeen with their new song, Don’t Wanna Cry. No surprises there. Joining them in second place is the debut of iKON’s Bling Bling. VIXX’s Shangri-La dropped down to throw place this week. KNK’s Sun, Moon, Star and K.A.R.D’s Rumour round out the top 5. For the rest of the chart, scroll down below.

ASTRO, 24K, HIGHLIGHT, April, Baek Ah Yeon, Ilhoon (BTOB), Hyoyeon (SNSD) and SISTAR’s final single will be released next. Great artists, just not sure if I can handle the new releases. Still recovering from Seventeen’s comeback.

Here is a legend to help you understand the chart’s status column below:
Green (↑)  – Song has gone up in ranking
Red (↓) – Song has gone down in ranking
Blue (=) – Song has remained in the same position as the previous week
Orange (new) – Song debuts on the chart
Grey (Final Week) – Song appears on the chart for its final week.

21st May – 27th May 2017
Title Artist Status
1 Don’t Wanna Ccry Seventeen (new)
2 Bling Bling iKON (new)
3 Shangri-La VIXX (↓ 2)
4 Sun, Moon, Star KNK (new)
5 Rumour K.A.R.D (↑ 9)
6 Alone Urban Zakapa (new)
7 B-Day iKON (new)
8 Anck Su Namun Yezi (Fiestar) (new)
9 I’m Ready MAP6 (new)
10 Hello Hello B.I.G (new)
11 Beautiful Pentagon (new)
12 Signal Twice (↓ 8)
13 Palette IU ft. G-Dragon (Big Bang) (↓ 5)
14 365 Fresh Triple H (↓ 12)
15 Like You HONEYST (↑ 14)
16 Back:Hug Snuper (↓ 5)
17 Hwi Hwi Laboum (↓ 14)
18 Really Really Winner (↓ 3)
19 Egoist Roy Kim (↓ 7)
20 Now, Us Lovelyz (↓ 13)
21 Dance Dance DAY6 (↓ 16)
22 Be Well SECHSKIES (↑ 2)
23 At The End Changsub (BTOB) (↑ 15)
24 Suddenly Roy Kim (↓ 18)
25 Night Rather Than Day EXID (↓ 7)
26 Fool Winner (↓ 5)
27 Easy Love SF9 (↓ 11)
28 I’ll Be Yours Girl’s Day (↓ 9) (Final Week)
29 Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Berry Good (↑ 10)
30 Good Night Dream Catcher (↑ 6)

Songs leaving the chart this week (and will not appear starting next week):

Title Artist Peak Position No. weeks on Chart No. Of weeks in Top 30 Final Week’s Position
Through The Night IU 8 (x2) 9 3 47
I’ll Be Yours Girl’s Day 1 (x2) 9 9 28
Better Together Seo In Guk 32 9
Dream In A Dream Ten (NCT) 30 7 1
Take Me Home Baekhyun (EXO) 23 6 1
She’s A Baby Zico (Block B) 22 6 1
It’s Spring Jessica Jung 50 6
Lullaby Onew & Rocoberry 40 3
Around Hitchhiker & Taeyong (NCT) 49 1

And that is all for next week! I will try to get next week’s chart out on time, but it depends on a lot of things. But until then, enjoy your week all!

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