[Review] Calling You – HIGHLIGHT

HIGHLIGHT (formerly Beast) is back with their repackaged mini-album. The group made their “debut” back in March of this year with Plz Don’t Be Sad and the mini-album Can You Feel It?. Calling You is the song being reviewed today, which is also the title track of the repackaged album (surprise, surprise).

When I heard that the group was going to release a new song, I was super excited. Mainly because I was super excited. Plz Don’t Be Sad ended up being a really catchy and addictive song. But if I was being honest regarding Calling You, you all will be very disappointed. I don’t see the same happening for Calling You, which even shocked me since I love all of their past title tracks. Per usual, the group threw in their grand vocals for this song, while still maintaining a pop-influenced instrumental. All the members sang in the song, which still surprises me til this day. The song is bright and vibrant (something that HIGHLIGHT only started doing since they “debuted”). Moving along to why I don’t see it catching on (for me). It doesn’t feel dynamic or catchy. There was an apparent hook throughout the chorus, but it didn’t seem strong enough. It felt more like a fan-service song than an actual title track (was that its intention, I am not too sure). Finally, the song felt like it ended a little too soon and didn’t reach the end that it needed. It kind of awkwardly faded away.

I actually liked the music video a lot more. You see the guys gather at a local Korean food stand, but all in their own scenarios. It seems like all the guys have someone constantly on their mind and throughout the video are trying to forget about that person through drinking and various activities. But those feelings were probably too strong and they all end up trying to make some sort of contact in the video. Besides the plot, I thought the video looked good overall. I thought the part where everyone got up to dance looked pretty cool. My main question is: ‘What is Junhyung wearing?”. But besides, great video!

It seems like HIGHLIGHT is continuing with the playful side we saw in Plz Don’t Be Sad. While it was tone down for the song, you could tell by their facial expressions and lightheartedness throughout the performance. Not that memorable but it does suit the song very nicely.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10


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