[Review] Lonely – Sistar

As you may know, Sistar officially announced their disbandment a few weeks back. Since then, everyone has been reflecting on Sistar’s contribution and anticipating their final single as a four-member girl group. I posted a tribute to Sistar a few hours ago, so check it out if you haven’t yet. Before we give Sistar a standing ovation and a final wave goodbye, let’s go on with the review.

Even though the song uses such a cliché title, Lonely is quite an leaves quite a deep impression. Just within the first listen, I was determined to click that replay button, because the song sounds so amazing. You may say that this is because their final song, it would be rude to not like it. There is something touching that comes out of the song, something that I personally think makes this song very special. Yeah, it is their final song, but even if it was released as part of a normal album, I would have still been blown away. Their vocal work as a group is amazing. Everyone sounded amazing, from the mail vocalists to the rapper herself, perfection to my ears. There is a nice melody, which compliments the emotion that they are putting into the song, but not making it too depressing or overly saddening. The instrumental is soft on our ears. I want to say I heard this style before from Sistar, but I honestly haven’t. Sure, the girls have performed ballads in the past, but never had it sound this amazing. Lonely is amazing and a worthwhile song to listen to.

The music video compliments the song very nicely. We see the girls hang out overseas. Having fun on their vacation. However, every now and then, we see the girls alone (where everyone once was) and having a more solemn look on their face. It played with my emotions that I felt in the song. But what made me smile even more (besides that random flashing scene in the hotel room) in regards to the video was the ending. The girls gather for one last picture, in front of the camera for the music video. And for some reason, before taking that picture, it seems like the director or whoever is controlling the camera yells out cut. But instead of breaking away, they stay together and seem to keep that moment going. They go in for a deeper hug and the video cuts out from there. Oh god, I am tearing up right now. Nargghh… The video is amazing, of course.

While there is no performance for this song released, I can safely bet that they won’t be a choreography for this final comeback. It will ruin the emotional side of the song. But I may check back in tomorrow (once there has been a performance) to update this part!

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

Now, we can officially have that standing ovation. #ThankYouSistar


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