[Review] Sweet Lies – Baek Ah Yeon ft. The Barberettes

In the past few years, Baek Ah Yeon’s singles have topping charts. Shouldn’t Have and So So have become her most well-known songs. And now, the soloist is back with her third mini album, titled as Bittersweet, which features the title track, Sweet Lies. The Barberettes (who are a trio, known for their retro and barbershop music) also features on the title track.

The song sticks out in the crowd of releases for its more simple and soothing instrumental. Not once does the instrumental seem to be a loud component of the song. It rather stayed subtle in the background. There was a calming and enjoyable indie sound, which seems to be on the trend nowadays in the Korean Music Industry. At the forefront of the song are the vocals of Baek Ah Yeon, which dominate the song. However, there is still that balance between her voice and the background instrumental, which why I think it sounds so great. Overall, the style isn’t my cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean that I think the song sucks. Instead, I think it is amazing. I am a little confused about the featuring of The Barberettes. I don’t really seem to hear them except for that one part prior to the choruses. Their harmony was great, but I expected them to harmonise with Baek Ah Yeon as well. Compared to her past tracks, I don’t think there was much of a hook anywhere in the song. There was something catchy about her past songs, just this one doesn’t have that, which leaves the song feeling a little forgotten.

I haven’t watched the music video yet, so this is my first-hand experience with the music video. The video itself plays on the ’empty promises’ that Baek Ah Yeon makes references to. At the start, she sings about things that her lover has said to her, to which she agrees and waits around (hence only one Baek Ah Yeon in that room). But in the second verse, she sings “When was the last time you said it?”, to which we are shown multiple Baek Ah Yeon’s still waiting around (and clearly bored) in that same room. I am not too sure about the use of the bouncy ping pong balls. But I feel like you trying to suggest that if you replace her with them (hence it appears in places where she used to be), the guy wouldn’t notice. That’s just my theory though. I am quite sure there is another accurate and better theory out there. I wasn’t into the video as I liked to be. There was some dryness to it and it felt loaded, compared to her more soothing and calming song.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

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