[Review] Critical Beauty – Pentagon

Pentagon has returned with a brand new song, Critical Beauty and their third mini-album, titled as Ceremony. The group made their debut last year with Gorilla and later went on to return with Can You Feel It?. This year, they followed up with Pretty Pretty promotions. E-Dawn and Hui joined Hyuna to form Triple H and made their debut with 365 Fresh. The full album also consists of the pre-release Beautiful, with is one amazing song.

Critical Beauty seems to stand out in the crowd. And for the same reasons, the song doesn’t sit right. In other words, I can see both sides of the coin for this song. It’s unique in a way that it mashes sounds together that you don’t really expect to work, but it does. The song opens up with a very notable Elvis Presley Jail House Rock riff. That alone already perked my ears up. It then mixes hip-hop into the song. Together, it makes the song more interesting and (as mentioned) unique. But the same combination sounded very sluggish and slow. There was no buildup, and it kind felt stalled. The vocals were quite good. What the song does lack in tempo (for me, at least), it makes up through the vocal work of the song. Just minus the whiny E-Dawn sequence we get in the song. The more I listen to it, the catchier it sounds. It just doesn’t get to the point where that slowness (mentioned previously) could be overlooked and to me, that was the biggest issue with the song. But overall, it is worth checking out for its individuality and uniqueness.

Thier music video seems to match the lyrics of the song. I interpret the lyrics of the song as the guys being extremely confident around their lover, singing lines like “what’s the point of asking what’s obvious”. The guys came off as confident men in the video through their charismatic gazes into the camera. And I thought that was pretty cool.  Just a simple observation, but there seem to be one camera angle that felt like it was being overused. The camera seemed always be positioned at a low height and continuously shot while looking up. Overall, the video was dry for the most part, but it went well with the song.

The performance was actually quite good. I liked the introduction and their formations throughout the performance. That confidence seems to carry through to the dance as well.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] Critical Beauty – Pentagon

  1. a couple months late to reading this review, but this is Pentagon’s third mini album, they have not yet produced a studio album


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