[Review] Remember – Nine Muses

Nine Muses are officially back with their latest title track, Remember. Their last official comeback as a full group was in 2015 with Sleepless Night. Since then, a number of the girls have “graduated” from the group, leaving only 5 members (Hyemi, Kyungri, Sojin, Keumjo and Sungha). Sungha is currently on hiatus, hence Nine Muses will be promoting as a four-member girl group for this comeback.

Because of my exams, I missed out on all the teasers and the highlight medley for the release. So when I checked out the music video a few hours back, I was listening to it with no idea what to expect. And I am glad that I did. The song blew me away within just the first listen. While I do think I would have also been blown away with the song if I had an idea in regards to which route it would go down, not knowing made it feel so much more impactful. The song starts off eerie and haunting, with an acoustic guitar in the background. Then the song reaches the pre-chorus, which probably was the height of all that haunting-ness. And then the song built up in an instant and launched itself into the electronic, bass-filled and intense chorus. The contrast between the two parts sounded very cool and was quite unexpected. The song returned to the same initial haunting vibe, but this time with a constant thudding sound. While the same formula was used, it was reinventive each time, making it feel fresh and different each time. Their vocal work was amazing and the rapping was low-key amazing. The layers at the end sounded gave the song the feel of complexity without feeling messy and hence made it more interesting. I may have over did my breakdown of the song, but do check out this song! It is not one to miss.

Like how the song starts off, the music video is equally as eerie and haunting. The story isn’t confirmed yet, but this is what I understand from the video. Each member represents a stage in life. Keumjo is the youngest stage and we see her running away from a guy (presumably her father, who abused her), holding a bear. We then see Hyemi, who seems to be a more grown up version of Keumjo and fully understands what is happening. I presume that the girl ended up killing her father. We fast track to Sojin, who is now in the world and working, where she meets the photographer guy. And that leads onto Kyungri. Now, I don’t know if the girl decided to hate every other guy in the world (and goes around killing them) or the photographer guy did something to her (like cheat on her), but we see Kyungri shoot, kill and dispose of the body. We see at the end that the members make up one person and we see them burn the guy in the bathtub. He has photos with him, which I assume were all the girls he used to be with and hence that kind of proves that he cheated on them and since the abuse her father inflicted on her was so traumatic, she thought of only to kill. The bear burns as well because it represents innocence, which was lost at the young age through the abuse. That is just my take on the video. But all in all, the imagery and the feel of the video is fitting for the song and I pretty much liked the entireity of the video.

I am quite sure the accompanying performance would look great on a proper stage with fantastic lighting. But from what I could see from the showcase, the performance looked amazing. They went with a sexy comeback this time and they did not joke around with it. Not groundbreaking, but still looked amazing.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance –  8/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] Remember – Nine Muses

  1. This was my very 1st 9 Muses song. I was so blown away!!! The intro, “Identity” was out of this world, too. I want 3 more minutes on it. 🙂 Talked to a friend who got me into this music and she said they were disbanding. Wonder Girls (I remember them from their foray into the US market,) 4 Minute, SISTAR, 9 Muses. It seemed like each group I fell for quit on me. 😦 After a bunch of digging, I am super happy that (M is NOT disbanding and am looking forward to more mature, high-quality stuff for years to come. Loved your review, BTW.


    1. Thanks for reading my review 🙂 As far as I am concerned, one of the members recently renewed their contact with Star Empire Entertainment (9MUSES’ company) and some of the members only joined in the past few years, so there are no signs of 9MUSES disbanding any time soon. Furthermore, they are making a comeback very soon (this or next week).


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