[Review] Yes I Am – Mamamoo

Mama~ Mama~ Moo~. Mamamoo is officially back with their latest mini album, Purple and title track Yes I Am. This is their first comeback since Decalcomanie, which was released back in November 2016. The group previously did release the music video for Aze Gag, an accompanying song featured on Purple.

Love the funkiness that is coming out from the song. It is quite upbeat and it definitely fits the Summer season quite nicely with its bright and quirky sound. Just listening to it for the first few times makes me want to dance. We know Mamamoo for their amazing vocal talents and they delivered with that talent in this song, while managing to incorporate a bright and fun sound. Moonbyul finally sings for once (even though it last for literally a second) and them high notes that Solar deliver sound spectacular. The post-chorus, Yes I Am, is quite catchy and addictive. All of that being said, the bridge changes up the song by incorporating a slow section, which did cut the flow of the song in my opinion. Not exactly fond of the bridge. While it is good on its own, it does sound like it would have fitted another song. But that is just my thought. Overall, Mamamoo brings out another song that will be loved by fans and myself.

Fitting the song is this music video. The bright and bold colours of the backgrounds match the bright and vibrant sounds in the song. What I love about Mamamoo is that they somehow manage to throw their quirky personalities in the music video and they genuinely looked like they had a blast filming this music video. The song is a message for all the ladies out there to be confident with themselves. And while I think the video could have done a somewhat better job at making that more apparent, their presence on the stage and in the video reflects that message quite nicely.

As mentioned previously, their stage presence fills the stage very nicely. I don’t think it is their best performance routine. I think Decalcomanie has that honour for the time being. But who knows, the performance may end up catching on for me. What should be noticed is that they managed to dance while singing live, displaying a great performance nonetheless.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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