[Album Review] What’s My Name (13th Mini Album) – T-ARA

T-ARA has many great non-title track songs, so it makes sense for me to do an album review for their 13th mini-album and final release before disbandment. There are multiple versions for their final release. First, you have a physical edition, which consists of songs recorded by all four members as a group. And then you have multiple versions that consist of the title track and each member’s solo song. For this review, I will be reviewing the digital edition (or essentially every song released so far, with exceptions of the Chinese version and Instrumental version of What’s My Name). Let’s go!

What’s My Name Album Cover

1..What’s My Name? (내 이름은) (Title Track)Click here for full review for What’s My Name?. (6.5/10) 

2. Reload – Compared to the title track, Reload is a much better song. However, I still don’t think there is enough to the song to make it ‘title track’ worthy. The song seems to be the girl’s response to their scandal after all these years. That’s what I got from the lyrics. From the first listen, everything sounds good. From the whispering vocals to the spy-like instrumental. But after a number of listens, you do get bored of it and it feels quite repetitive. Though, there are parts that do have an impact to some extent. (7/10)

3. 20090729 – The date in which the song is titled after is the date when T-ARA debuted. Judging from this, you would expect them to take on a ballad with this track. Their vocal abilities seem a little shaky here and the various rap-singing moments seemed unnecessary. But after many listens, you can constantly hear the emotions behind the girl’s voices and I literally get goosebumps after listening to this song every single time. It may not be a mind-blowing piece of music, but it is one damn good ballad to listen to.  (8.5/10)

4. Diamond (Qri Solo) – While I understand that Qri doesn’t have the best voice out of the four, her song just doesn’t appeal to me. There is a nice exotic or foreign vibe within the song, but overall, the song felt sluggish and slow. There wasn’t much of a hook, which left the song lacking in many ways. There is a stage performance for this track and you can find by clicking the link HERE(5/10)

5. Ooh La La (Hyomin Solo) – In comparison to the previous song, this is much more upbeat and a more fun song to listen to. There are aspects to the song that could have been better. Her vocals here are pretty good. But during the “Ooh La La” chants, I felt she was too dominating. Instead, the chants that followed shortly felt more like backing vocals more than anything.  There could have been a more powerful instrumental to back the song and provided with a tough support. (7/10)

6. Real Love (Eunjung Solo) – This song provides great vocals for the album, something that seemed missing so far. I am not saying this because of those high notes (even though they were spectacular). There a nice jazz sound at the start, that influence seemed to disappear once the song progressed, turning it into a standard pop song, which was unfortunate. (7/10)

7. Lullaby (Jiyeon Solo) – Jieyon’s solo track seems to be a mix between some of the comments that I have already made. The track is more upbeat compared to Qri’s track, but somewhat slower than both Eunjung and Hyomin’s song. But like Qri’s track, there isn’t much of a hook and became forgettable, despite listening to it a couple of times already. The same can be said about the instrumental. The vocals are okay, but they aren’t the best on the album. (6/10)

Overall Album Rating –  6.5/10


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