[Album Review] 4 Walls (4th Full Album) – F(x)

It has been a while since we heard from F(x). To be precise, 4 Walls was their last release in 2015 and while they have had a few singles as a group or as soloists, it does not fill the void of what is missing from the KPOP industry. Honestly, there are many groups out there that end up experimenting with their sound, with some groups doing pretty well as a result. But I don’t think I have come across an artist who does it so well and effortlessly like F(x). 4 Walls was their 4th full length album, which was released in October 2015.


4 Walls Album Cover (Source: YouTube)


1..4 WallsClick Here for the full review of 4 Walls (10/10)

2. GlitterGlitter has a very playful vibe, which sounds like your traditional pop song. But while it doesn’t really stand-out of the crowd, I do like the song for a number of reasons. First, that playful vibe. Secondly, when they all sing for the chorus. And thirdly, how they sing the words ‘glitter’. It feels like glittering is fluttering down. I love the bridge of the song, which brings another element to the song. Not the album best, but it is definitely up there. (9/10)

3. Deja Vu – A super catchy song to listen to. Even just sitting at my computer and listening to the song while writing the reviews is hard because I have the urge to get up and dance. I have literally listened to the song so many times that I can accurately lip-sync to the song pretty well. Like the previous song, similar comments can be said. But I am bumping this up with a higher rating because it is so damn catchy. (9.5/10)

4. X – If you want the funkiest song on the album, you have stumbled across it. X opens up that retro saxophone sound. It follows with a groovy disco instrumental, which is intriguing. Their vocals are quite good here, as well. In its own way, the song is catchy and one that I always go to when I put this album on. They displayed a more feminine sound in this song, which contrasted nicely with the funky sound of the song. (10/10)

5. Rude Love – The introduction to the song is very intriguing. It does a pretty good job of appealing to me with its piano style introduction. The song quickly builds up and turns into a dance track. It is also quite catchy and fits in nicely with the rest of the songs on the album. There is a little something missing from the verses of the song, but overall, it is still decent to listen to.  (8/10)

6. Diamond – From just one listen, I thought it would a song that I avoid due to its trap influences. And I admit, it took a while for me to get into the song. But I did manage to get into it. It isn’t the best song on the album, but it does have its own dynamic and different sound that sets it apart from the rest of the song. There is a definite serious tone to the song, if you are wondering what makes it different from the rest of the album. (8/10) 

7. Traveller (ft. Zico (Block B)) – Zico opens the song with his (per usual) rap and his following segments does add a more bolder and masculine sound to the song. F(x) instead sounds more feminine and sweeter compared to their other songs. It is quite nice to hear a more different side, but more traditional side, of F(x), who are known for their concepts and individuality. (9/10)

8. Papi – Another super duper catchy song. This album is clearly a goldmine with so many catchy songs. I thought the start of the song was quite funky and different. It was also quite striking and it definitely caught my attention. There is a really nice bright sound, which suits to parties and (maybe) clubs. Their vocals are spot on and it is loaded with energy to hype you up for the dance floor. (10/10)

9. Cash me OutCash Me Out takes it time to build up to the drop. I can say that once it does drop, the song ends up being tied together nicely. However, I think the song could have been a lot more epic if there were a harder drop and a more intense instrumental segment, rather than repeating the same segment a number of time throughout the song. (8/10)

10. When I’m Alone – The song starts off with a slower beat, than compared to any of their previous songs. The chorus is the main deal that gives it boldness and definition. Compared to the rest of the songs, this one does end up being forgettable due to its slower tempo. But it does manage to make up in terms of vocal work and it is still decent enough to listen to. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9/10


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4 Walls Teaser Image



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