[Album Review] The Red Summer (Special Summer Album) – Red Velvet

The Summer is already in full swing and Red Velvet has emerged with their latest release to help fans cool down and put some Red into the atmosphere. Following their mini-album review at the start of the year, Red Velvet becomes the first artist to get a second album review from me. So before we sweat all the water out of ourselves, let’s move on.

Image result for red velvet red summer album cover
The Red Summer Album Cover

1..Red Flavour (빨간 맛) (Title Track)Click here to view the full review of Red Flavour (9.5/10)

2. You Better Know – I love this track. Besides the title track, I felt like this was the best track on the album. You Better Know is an EDM track that has a great instrumental. Sure, it may have sounded typical in the realm of EDM, but it did its job at delivering the Summer feel to the ears of the listener. The chorus was catchy and the beat drop felt like a burst of bright energy. When the girls sang together, they sounded spectacular and when they sang on their own, they sounded amazing. (10/10)

3. Zoo – Following the EDM sound is the tropical house song, Zoo. Like what the name suggests, the song incorporates sounds you would associate with zoos, for example, animal sounds. The chorus is a little awkward with its delivery. It is short and sweet, but the way they end their lines seemed a little out there. I did like the rest of their vocals throughout the song. Just the rap didn’t sound that great and it could have been tied better to the rest of the song (7/10)

4. Mojito (여름빛) – Mojito feels like a song that you would expect to find from an F(x) album. The song is slower, compared to the previous songs, but it still a strong track in its own way. It felt refreshing and very calming. Their chorus here is amazing and it becomes better when they sing together. It may not have the hype factor, which drove me to like their title track and You Know Better. But it definitely has enough to make it a song to listen to after a long day. (9/10)

5. Hear The Sea (바다가 들려) – The track throws you back to their One Of These Nights. Sadly, the same can be said regarding both songs. The style isn’t my cup of tea. But the song is boring and painfully slow at times. Their harmonies during the chorus are the only thing that I like regarding the song, which does make it feel disappointing. (5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8/10

The Red Summer Teaser Image (Source: ALLKPOP)

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