10 Favourite Choreographies (Part 1)

It’s been a number of weeks since the last ‘Favourites’ (segment name still pending). In the last two week’s I have been doing more specific posts that relate to myself and the site, such as a recap of the number 1 songs of the past year and my personal favourite songs from the first half of 2017. Today’s post focuses around the amazing and jaw-dropping choreographies that KPOP is known for. So, in no particular order, the first 10 favourite choreographies are:

Neverland – UKISS

I first learnt about UKISS via this particular song. But what I totally liked about their comeback was the accompanying choreography, which still looks really cool and tough. At the time, there was no performance that could compare to it. And til this day, it is a key KPOP choreography that I remember.

Very Nice – Seventeen

One of the best performances from last year. While the use of suspenders are heavily present in this particular list, it wasn’t the exact highlight of the choreography. But its complexity and the fact that everyone was in sync made it rise to the top of performances in 2016.

Everybody – SHINee

The helicopter part of this performance probably sums up the entire comment I am going to write. Intense, extremely difficult (I don’t think I saw any other idols cover the entire choreography before) but extremely cool to watch.

Hard Carry – GOT7

Hard Carry is quite intense, which matches the song quite perfectly. Usually, the chorus has the most memorable dance moves but the verses and the leadup to the chorus were also distinctive. I also really enjoyed the transition between Jinyoung and Youngjae during the bridge. It was a small detail, but it left a huge impression on me.

Voodoo Doll – VIXX

Voodoo Doll‘s original choreography was banned for being too violent. It consisted stabbing, which was understandable. The revamped performance, which was allowed for the stage, didn’t have the same level of aesthetic but was still amazing. What was cooler was the throwing of Ken at the start, which was a key move that landed it on this list.

The Grasshopper Song  – Sunny Hill

This particular choreography kept true to the song title’s name. The Grasshopper Song had many references to grasshoppers and I thought that was very smart at the time. It was a very simple choreography overall but on the stage, it was very polished. I actually learnt this dance, which is a true testament to its simplicity.

Expectation – Girl’s Day

Girl’s Day made suspenders look sexy. And it became an iconic choreography with many covers from fans and idols alike. It was their first ‘sexy concept’ which proved to be a huge success, given the huge amount of popularity they gained during and after the promotions ended.

Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet

I thought this turned out to be one really amazing looking performance. Red Velvet has continually amazing choreographies that fans love. Dumb Dumb is probably their best (with a recent contender not too far behind). It wasn’t a Dumb Dumb dance, as I enjoyed watching it quite a bit.

Like This – Wonder Girls

Another choreography that I decided to learn. The song itself already hypes you up to join in, so I thought why not. While it proved how unathletic I was, it is a totally fun dance that was reflected from both the song and music video.

Poison – Secret

Secret’s Poison was definitely lethal with its extra sexiness. It doesn’t have any flashy moments nor did it become iconic, but it was the first ‘sexy concept’ choreography that started my pursuit and love for the said concept. It also felt perfect for the song, which another reason why it grew to become my favourite.

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