[Review] Fly High – Dream Catcher

The girls of Dream Catcher are back with their 1st mini album since their debut at the start of the year. As mentioned, they debuted in January with Chase Me and later returned with Good Night. The mini album is titled as Prequel and features 4 songs alongside their title track, Fly High.

Following their previous tracks that placed them onto their fan’s and my radar, the girls returned with another rock-infused dance track. And like the previous tracks, this would be perfect as an anime opener. I mentioned in the past reviews that Good Night felt less intense in comparison to Catch Me, but it seems like the girls recovered from that ‘slump’. Instead, the track has bursts of energy when the choruses come into play, which provided that intensity. It maintained an appropriate level all throughout. Even some parts that didn’t feel that intense felt okay because they were spaced out and didn’t last long. The bridge was a little iffy. I thought it did take the rock vibes away a little too much but it may just require some warming up to. Once again, their vocals must be mentioned. They were amazing. Everyone shined. But the rapper of the group shined the most with her short parts prior to the choruses and the part at the end. There is a roughness to her voice that suits Dream Catcher songs (and possibly rock songs in general) perfectly. Overall, even though it was released a few hours ago, it will be replayed constantly over the weekend and beyond.

And like the past two videos, the accompanying video to Fly High follows on. But in this case, it was more like a prequel, like the name of the mini-album. My take seems to tell the story of how they got into dark magic, which was seen throughout the Good Night video. And it seems like they innocently stumbled upon it while staying at the mansion, where everything from the first two videos takes place. While the song does have a much brighter sound, the video is definitely creepy, through the ways the members suddenly stares into the camera and or the end, where you see her running through the halls of the mansion, only when you think she is trying to escape, she closes the gate, not letting anyone else in or out. While it doesn’t answer all my questions, it definitely does drag you to the edge of your seat. The cinematography and the editing combined made this an amazing video to watch, especially if you are busy connecting Catch Me, Good Night and now Fly High together to form one story. I hope they continue telling the story and that this is not a trilogy, which is a common trend in KPOP at the moment.

The choreography has big shoes to fill given my comments of the song and the music video. And they manage to do just that. Something that has changed since their debut is their stage presence. Their stage/performance was extremely captivating. Watching their dance moves and formations managed to leave me speechless today.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9.5/10
Overall Rating – 9.5/10

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