[Review] What Can I Do? – DAY6

The 6th of August just went by and that means we are due for a DAY6 comeback. As the date was on a Sunday, the guys ended up releasing their new track today on the 7th, which is titled as What Can I Do?. With 7 months down, the guys clearly have been on a roll with their monthly releases.

My initial listen to the song didn’t fare as well. I thought some of the elements of the song were a little ‘out there’. A few listens in and I am enjoying the song. It is clearly not their best as there were other DAY6 songs that grabbed my attention for the get-go. I still find that static at the end of the first chorus a little off-putting and unexpected. The chorus could have been better. I liked the verses more than the chorus, but I am slowly warming up to it. The track just doesn’t appeal to my personal taste, which I thought was a little disappointing. But what I did like regarding the song was the vocals. Jae’s high note was amazing and the guys have yet to disappoint me with their vocals (I think). I think within a few more listens, I would be more comfortable with the overall song, but I still think it is not their ultimate best.

The music video was far more interesting compared to the song. There are a few theories out there that do fit the storyline that I see. Jae is either dating or best friends with the girl in question. Dowoon is popular with the girls but has a cold personality. Sungjin has a crush on the said girl and Wonpil either likes Sungjin or feels sorry for Sungjin’s heart. Young K is an arrogant person in the school (though one theory seemed to suggest he had feelings for Dowoon – not sure if serious or not). These ideas were thrown out there seem to make the story more interesting because I now continue to rewatch to see which one fits the video more. I also find it interesting how they always chuck grown guys into school uniform. But that seems to be another post entirely. What I find the most interesting was how the video ended on a cliff hanger, which makes you ask even more questions. Did he make a move? Did Jae find out? Did Sungjin get smacked by a basketball? Who knows! But it was a pretty good video to watch.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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