[Album Review] Holiday Night (6th Studio Album) – SNSD

SNSD or Girl’s Generation wrapped up their promotions for Holiday and All Night yesterday. But their 10 year anniversary celebrations aren’t over yet!! I haven’t done my album review yet!! (hehehehe…). I wrote the comments for each song before this introduction, so there is something that I observed. I mentioned it down below but the vocals in this album are flawless. I am amazed because this is the first time where I loved 99% of the vocal work. To find out about what else I like, read down below (Another long review, I apologise).

Holiday Night Album Cover

1..Girls Are Back – It actually has been a while since SNSD brought the girls out. So their first song was appropriately named in a way that exclaimed there were back. And the track did just that. Not once letting you down, the funky dance track lets you know the girls are still sticking around. I love the chorus, which gives it a dynamic and groovy feel. The vocal work here is also phenomenal! (10/10)

2. All Night (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for All Night. (8/10)

3. Holiday (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Holiday. (9/10)

4. FanFan is an upbeat track that reminds me of the KPOP in the 90s, almost like a Shinhwa track from that era. There is a level of intensity that makes this an unforgettable song. That being said, there was a part of the verse that I felt was too soft for the rest of the song. But everything else in the song was spot on. From the vocals to the instrumental, everything felt just right. Taeyeon’s ad-lib at the end was amazing. (9.5/10)

5. Only One – It’s the ballad that you just can’t help by swaying along to the music. There is a part of me that thinks this is a solid song, while the other part of me feels that the song is somewhat disjointed. If you listen carefully, the instrumental tends to change around a bit which makes it sound a little odd. Once again, the vocals are on point. If this somehow sounded sweeter, I think I would dig this track more. (8/10)

6. One Last Time – Out of the all the songs on the album, excluding the title tracks, this is my most favourite. There is an emotional side to the song, which you feel very strongly as you listen to the song. They don’t really hold back on the sadness. More over, their vocals are highlighted nicely with the melodies and the ballad instrumental. I can’t find any flaws in this song. It is genuinely my pick for a perfect song. Understanding the lyrics of the song does make me a little sad, as it would be perfect as a disbandment song. But I won’t go there. (10/10)

7. Sweet Talk – Right off the bat, it sounds like a song that Ariana Grande or some other Western pop star would have put out. And it would have been a direct hit as soon as it was released. The vocals are amazing but the raps could have been given more boldness and backing. They felt weak in comparison to the rest of the song, which was disappointing. I like it but if the raps were stronger, I would have loved it some more. (8/10)

8. Love Is Bitter – There is a nice Broadway sound to the song, which gives it some character. The title makes it sound like a cheesy ballad, but instead, we get something a little bolder. What I liked is how they gave the start of the chorus to the people who usually get the least amount of lines in the song (Hyoyeon and Yuri), giving the girls a chance to show off what they got. Of course, they do a splendid job and remind us of their hidden talents that should get the stage spotlight all the time as well! (9/10)

9. It’s You (오랜 소원)It’s You is a song written by Yuri for the fans who have stood by their side for the last 10 years. It is a decent song that I am sure all SONEs around the world would love. Personally, it doesn’t suit my tastes but the song’s meaning is clearly touching. I felt like it could have better melodies or some sort of deeper backing vocals to give it some foundation. But overall, it is still a good song. (8/10)

10. Light Up The Sky – What a way to end off the album. The song seems to be directed to a particular someone who used to be by the side of the 8 girls for the last 10 years. As a fan, that does hit home quite strongly. Once again, the vocals are amazing. Each member has clearly poured themselves into the song, which is why I think this is also a remarkable song. The chorus of this ballad has a catchy sound to it, with the way it is presented. I keep on coming back for more and so should you! (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9/10

Holiday Night Teaser Image

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