[Review] Darling – Taeyang (Big Bang)

This is the second review for Taeyang’s latest comeback. The previous post for his other promotional track, Wake Me Up, can be found by clicking the name title. As mentioned in the previous post, This is Taeyang’s first comeback since Eyes, Nose & Lips.

Compared to Wake Me Up, Darling does have that same level of energy or suspense to it. However, despite it being a ballad, it does leave a very deep impression on your mind and has an impact, in its own way. The song, overall, is brilliant. I liked how striking the piano is, in the background.  I also liked how the piano was the main instrumentation for 2/3 of the song.  The final 1/3 of the song brought in some drums and percussion.  It have the song an extra dimension, which I thought was quite cool.  But what stole the slow was his vocals.  I really like how he projected his voice throughout the song. We know how capable he is with his vocals but here, it felt beautiful and like no other song that he had released in his career so far.  

The video does feel underwhelming.  For the most part, it did suit the song quite nicely.  The different scenes through the video made it feel amazing.  The drone -aerial shots looked spectacular and added aesthetics to the video.  The scenes with the female model was what I felt was the underwhelming part of the video.  They didn’t seem to be that much going on with her and Taeyang.  While i didn’t expect them to hold heads and skip in a field, her addition felt like it wasn’t needed, especially when majority of the video featured Taeyang and beautiful shots. But overall, the video was still quite nice to watch. 

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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