[Review] Honeymoon – B.A.P

B.A.P has made their return to the stage with a brand new single album, titled as Blue. Honeymoon, the title track for their 7th single album, marks their first comeback since Wake Me Up earlier this year.

Honeymoon is one awesome song. Let me just it out there. The song starts with some intriguing whistles. It then leads into an electronic based dance song, which I thought sounded amazing. The instrumental felt very Western and it could easily have been released in America and attracted some attention for its easy going sounds and beats. It kind of builds up but it isn’t as noticeable compared to other songs. The first verse/chorus felt quite slow and underwhelming. That was probably the biggest letdown of the song. However, from Zelo’s rap onwards, the song manages to kick it up a notch and sound more energetic and impactful. Jongup’s section in the second chorus was phenomenal and everyone else contributed towards an intense ending, which makes it so much more different compared to what I felt at the start. The ending did feel abrupt but it felt right for this song and Himchan’s vocals were on point to the song. It is not a perfect song but it is going to get a lot of replays in the weeks to come.

The music video was quite aesthetic in nature. And the cinematography of the video was quite nice, which allows us to take in beautiful landscape and seascape fully. The scenes must come together somehow and tell a story. Not exactly sure what the story is and I don’t think there are any fan theories about the video. But there has to be a connection between smashing a baseball bat into a computer screen, releasing goldfish into the sea and pouring a bottle of wine down into a grassy field. And I liked watching the video. Just someone cut the mullets and remove them, please? I don’t get this trend that is going on but I thought mullets were the shameful past of the 80s, not the new decade.

[Updated] The performances waits for the chorus to kick before blowing the viewers away. Especially that first chorus, where they had the cascading effect with Jongup in front. That was fluid and amazing. They did do some standing around, which took away that amazingness but they made up in their vocals/raps each time.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10 [Updated]
Overall Rating – 9/10 [Updated]

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