[Album Review] Demo_01 (4th Mini Album) – Pentagon

If you read or see my album reviews, you can kind of guess which artists I go to the most to write these posts. But don’t assume I listen to the albums of just those artists. I actually listen to many and in the future, hope I can make some time to write more than one per week to accommodate some of those other albums I listen to. This week’s pick is (as you can see above) is Pentagon’s latest mini album, Demo_01, which features the title track Like This.  Overall, I was very impressed with every song on the release, which is why we are here today! So, let’s start.

Demo_01 Album Cover

1..Like This (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Like This (8/10)

2. It’s Over – I think this track can take two different routes. It can work as a ballad or a dance song. And both would have been equally interesting in terms of music video and performance as well. It’s Over manages to hit the right notes with the song’s components, like the clear and crisp vocals to the emotional powerful raps that they deliver. The standard instrumental is a little boring but combining it with the group’s vocal and rap style for this promotional round makes it a winner in my book. The melodies for this song is quite exceptional as well. (9/10)

3. Until Today (오늘까지만) – Until Today is a very artistic sounding dance track that delves back into the electronic style of music. I personally thought the chorus was very well done, especially with the tropical house influences for the instrumental breaks. You expect the track to build up somehow, but it remained relatively flat. However, that isn’t a major concern because it ended up quite consistent and addictive to listen to. (8.5/10)

4. Cool Rap (멋있게랩) – For those who have been visiting this site for some time, you may know that I am not that much of a fan of rap-based songs. Hence, why you don’t really see that much K-Hip Hop on this track. But this track is completely different. It features the 3 main rappers of the song only and it truly displays their skills and talents. Its instrumental was extremely captivating. And while I usually don’t describe songs as ‘lit’ that often, I think it is the most appropriate and hipster way to describe the song. (9/10)

5. When I Was In Love (설렘이라는건) – Another vocally satisfying track from the group and an amazing way to end the album. The RnB based song is probably the least interesting on the track in comparison to the songs that preceded it, but it is still a damn good song. The chorus was incredibly dreamy, almost. The start of the chorus felt like they were easing us into whatever was going to come next. The rappers also shined in the song, with their short but perfectly fitting sequence. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

Pentagon Demo_01 Teaser Image

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