[Review] When You Love Someone – DAY6

DAY6 have made their comeback for their “October” release, a week before its usual release date of ‘the sixth day of the month’. When You Love Someone features the continuation of the storyline that featured in What Can I Do? and I Loved You.

But before we start looking at the music video, let’s talk about the song. When You Love Someone, is once again, on the slower side of the group’s releases. But while I have expressed my disinterest in their slower tracks earlier on the year, it seems like they have been on a roll with these slower songs more recently. The song manages to get me to sway along, which if you know by now, is something that I like a lot. To be precise, it definitely has a very calming aura, which makes it interesting to listen to. The melodies in this song are quite nice and the instrumental has a very nice pop nature to it. The chorus was exceptionally good, with the group managing to throw in a hook to give the song a memorable moment. But their vocals is what is on display throughout the song and that is why I really like the song. Nothing sounds as pure and crisp as the vocals in this song and every member sounds on point.

With the continuation of the plotline from the previous videos, you can see some progression in some points. But in others, it seemed to stall. Sungjin finally confessed to his girl, but it seems like she isn’t interested. While I am not 100%, she seems to have feelings for Young K instead, as she comes to his aid when he is accused of stealing money from the cash register. Jae is totally into the girl at that cafe, while Wonpil seems to still be coming to terms with his needing to let go. The most confusing character this time around is Dowoon, who doesn’t really get much progression in the storyline. Instead, it seems like he was forgotten in the video. I can’t read Korean but my guess is that his parents (or whoever he lives with) left him to be alone again, which doesn’t seem to phase him. Overall, the director of this series is doing a pretty good job of keeping my attention on the video. I want to see what happens next month and figure out this story once and for all.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10 
Overall Rating – 9/10

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