[Review] 11° – Minah (Girl’s Day)

Minah has made her solo return with 11°. It has definitely been a while since we heard a solo single from the main vocalist of one of my personal favourite girl groups. The last being I Am A Woman, Too. That being said, Minah hasn’t been on the sidelines over the large gap between solo releases. Alongside her work with Girl’s Day, she has been busy acting in a number of dramas such as Beautiful Gong Shim (which also stars Nam Goong Min). 

11° is not the first ballad of the season, but it is one of the few that has me sticking around. It may because of bias, but this track has me sticking around for other reasons. The song is actually quite good. Minah’s vocals go well with the softer guitar-based instrumental and you can hear the heartbreak that she is trying to convey throughout the song in her voice. Put simply, it is extremely easy to get lost in this track and there is a soothing effect which I desperately need featuring in this song. There is something that I am not 100% keen on in this song. In the middle of the song, Minah attempts to change it up (to avoid repetitiveness and blandness) with a change in delivery. But honestly, I thought that slight change was a little too awkward sounding. It was needed but I personally didn’t think that was the particular way to go. 

The music video beautifully portrayed the meaning behind the lyrics. Essentially the song is about the immediate thoughts that go through people’s heads after a breakup. And throughout the video, you can grasp that solemn feeling that followed her and her breakup. As she cleaned the house, I assumed she felt the emptiness. The ending, when the lights went out, made her think of her ex-lover. Probably how he would have fixed it for her, but now she had to do it alone. I just thought the video went well with the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 10/10 
Overall Rating – 9.4/10

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