[Review] Black Suit – Super Junior

Making their first highly anticipated return after 2 years is the none other than Super Junior. In 2015, they made their comeback with Devil and Magic. Since then, military enlistments were carried out leaving only a few members available for promotions. But with the return of some members, Super Junior can promote once more as one of the most well-known KPOP groups to date. Black Suit is the title track from their 8th album, Play, which also features the pre-release One More Chance.

Black Suit is a definitely an upgrade from Devil and Magic, which I thought was boring. Given the member’s ages, I didn’t think they would return with an upbeat track like this. But they clearly nailed with the Latin flair that gave the song that explosion of energy. Vocally, the song is quite nice. Everything was clear and not muffled with synths and autotune. The track, too, is quite addictive to listen to, earning replay after replay. The most underwhelming part of the song for me, though, was the drop into the last chorus. The bridge had a nice buildup with its intensity. The drop just didn’t do it justice. The chorus was definitely the most outstanding part of the entire song and it just makes you want to dance.

The music video is set in an auction, with the main item on display being a black suit. Hence the title, duh? But the story behind the auction is a little intriguing. The video opens up with chaos but in reverse. We then find out the cause of the chaos is due to the missing black suit, which disappeared during a blackout as it was being sold. We also find out that the members were trying to get the suit themselves through careful planning and teamwork. Just once it disappeared, they turned against each other and raged. It turns out, another person (a young female) somehow stole the black suit in a split second during the blackout. While it does seem far-fetched, it definitely has its moments and it was, overall, enjoyable to watch.

The choreography was actually quite good, keeping up with the sharp beats and maintaining its appeal throughout the entire routine. Totally enjoyed the chorus.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10


One thought on “[Review] Black Suit – Super Junior

  1. As you said The chorus was definitely the most outstanding part of the entire song and it just makes you want to dance.
    that is why i love all super junior song – all catchy and grand and make us edicted to the song. – i love mr simple, mamacita,, sexy free, single , sorry sorry,evanesce, no other, supermen, opera, swing, and black suit – all super junior song make you edicted and so far as i know Super Junior Tops Taiwanese Music Chart for 52 Consecutive Week – every body know why sj is the best.


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