[Review] Beautiful – Wanna One

Wanna One have officially made their highly anticipated return with Beautiful and their repackaged mini-album, 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You). Wanna One has wowed fans with their power, topping charts as soon as their debut, Energetic, was released. Even when I am writing this review, Beautiful has gone on to top majority of the charts, 2 hours after their release. It is clear that Wanna One is a powerhouse rookie for 2017.

The title of the track summarises the song very accurately. Beautiful is a very smooth song that makes me want to sway along to the melody and instrumental. It touches on the ballad side of music but also maintaining that dance component really well. It isn’t as poppy as their debut track, but instead, it feels more emotional and how many people would say “from the heart”. I really enjoyed how Daniel started and ended the song with this rap speaking autotune part. I really liked how soft the song was during the first verse and how that ended up contrasting the louder and powerful “I Miss You Much” pre-chorus. And the chorus was just so damn good. The vocals in the song were flawless and equally as breathtaking are the raps. The song itself felt flawless. And in my eyes, they probably cemented themselves as one of the best rookies of the year.

If you haven’t watched both the prologue and the music video, you are missing out. The prologue basically starts the story off by showing how two young brothers were separated. Talk about making it emotional. The actual music video shows how the two brothers are living separate lives. One of the studies to become a policeman (Seungwoo), while the other (Daniel) is doing odd jobs (one of them is at a boxing gym). The two brothers end up reuniting one rainy night, which was a nice sight to see. They end up catching up and spending some time together. Daniel, with his odd jobs and maybe Seungwoo, managed to buy his dream motorbike. Until one day, Daniel’s crew get into a big fight with a gang, leaving the gang either dead or very injured. Seungwoo, who walks by with an ice cream ends up helping Daniel and his friends by letting them get away and takes the blame for what happened. This results with Seungwoo unable to take the police exam and ends up working at a construction site to rebuy the motorbike that his brother had to sell in order to pay back the gang. Daniel goes onto to join a boxing competition (I assume it is for the monetary reward and to make up for what he did to his brother). Seungwoo ends up falling down the stairs and Daniel ends up badly injured in the match. The video ends there and I am hoping for some extra video that ties up the story. Amazing storyline and the acting is captivating. A must watch.

The performance is too good. I just am speechless with the dance routine. I freaking love the chorus, with how they seem to be hugging someone but in a solo format. The choreography matched the music perfectly and gracefully.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

2 thoughts on “[Review] Beautiful – Wanna One

  1. Oh my gosh the written review I was waiting for! It kind of wowed me how the repackaged album topped the charts even with a ballad type of song.

    By the way, the storyline goes, by my understanding, Seongwoo and Minhyun passed police officer recruitment exam (based on the text). However, when Seongwoo took the blame of the Daniel and friends’ incident, he was automatically disqualified to be a police officer. Seongwoo then WENT BACK to his job in order to buy back the motorbike Daniel sold. The ending, unfortunately, was Seongwoo died because of the fall. I made this conclusion based on the song’s lyrics. So the Prologue and MV made me crying mess.

    A nice review, nevertheless. Hoping you’d make an album review of the repackaged one. Thank you!


    1. They have a very large following, so Wanna One was expected to top charts, in my opinion.

      Rewatching the video, I think you are right,. I missed that detail at the start with Seungwoo studying at the construction site.

      Thank you for reading my review. I will also be posting an album review for the newer songs (might not look at the remixes) most likely next week.


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