[Album Review] You & Me (2nd Mini Album) – KARD

KARD is back with their most promising release yet. You & Me has managed to wow fans across the world and their entire second mini-album, You & Me, is replicating the same effect. The entire album is so good that I am putting it down as one of the best albums of 2017. More information on that in the coming weeks (winky face). But until then, her is my review of KARD’s latest album release.

You & Me Album Cover

1..Into You – The best word I can find to describe this track is ‘epic’. From the dramatic piano start building up to the epic drop that started the chorus. The vocal work performed by Somin and Jiwoo were showcased, while the raps managed to create suspense in the track despite being slow. Regardless of the number of replays, this particular track felt amazing time and time again. (10/10)

2. Trust Me (J.Seph & Jiwoo) – The heavy drum beats that opened the song played throughout the entire song but were a great opening aspect of the track. I thought they were overpowering but it seemed to contrast nicely with the vocals and raps. The vocals were ‘mute’ in comparison but they had a definite haunting vibe. I love how the instrumental remained consistent until the rap came into play and changed up. Big ticks for intensity and leaving me at the edge of my seat. (10/10)

3. Push & Pull – The chorus for Push & Pull feels really catchy and could end up being really iconic. But I feel like the song could have had a more defined drop to make the song even better. The vocal work seemed slow but it ended up complimenting the instrumental. BM’s raps before the 1st and 2nd chorus were awesome. J.Seph’s part was pretty good but he needed something else to separate himself from BM’s raps and keep things from becoming too ordinary. (8/10)

4. Because (지니까) – I thought Because was an extremely powerful track. The vocals were haunting and the raps were, per usual, great. The overlapping of BM and Jiwoo at the end was quite cool. To me, that final part felt like a robot powering down because its battery was flat. It makes sense because the song is in regards to unhappy lovers in a relationship and that effect felt like it symbolises the end of the relationship. (9/10)

5. You In Me (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for You In Me. (9.5/10)

6. Trust Me (BM & Somin) – Compared to the previous version of Trust Me, this track felt slower and more like a RnB track. BM’s raps in this song were captivating and left me speechless the first time around I heard the song. Somin’s vocals were superb and highlighted well in this track. I also enjoyed the ‘Trust Me’ drop that occurred mid-way in the track. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.25/10

Member Teaser Images for You & Me

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