[Review] Stalker – 1NB

I promised I would write the review for Stalker in yesterday’s review for Where U At, which is also by 1NB. And here it is. I find it funny that my wording in yesterday’s review seems to imply I would be writing this later on… Anyway… Stalker was released earlier on in the year as a pre-debut single for 1NB, who later debuted at the end of November with Where U At.

I don’t have that much to say in regards to the song. Right off the bat, it is hard to miss the sensual feeling that the song was aiming for. The breathy moans of ‘Hot Hot Hot’ during the chorus was a smart way of incorporating lyrics alongside the sound they were going for. I could also detect a Western influence as part of the song but still quite easy on the ears. I have to admit, the slowness of the track doesn’t ruin the song but it doesn’t turn it into a great track. It was great for the sensual vibes but its consistent pace did make it dry and repetitive. The vocals aren’t also that great but they work well with the concept. Overall, it isn’t a bad song but it isn’t the best song out there.

I think people who know this song would also know the music video very well. The stalker music video features a horror theme, which is also quite good. Not like an actual movie but it felt like a potential trailer. And like good horror movies, there is a decent plot that makes us ask questions. So, there is a detective that is haunted by nightmares of a lady (assumed to be his dead lover). These nightmares make him wake up during the night and he has to take pills. He is called to a crime scene, which somehow triggers his nightmares to become more powerful (I assume it is the same location as his nightmares). He returns to his residence but it continuously awoken by ghosts grabbing his body and at one point, his dead lover lies beside him with a very creepy smile. The music video is 9 minutes long and the song takes up a small portion of that time, coming into play when we are introduced to the dead ghost. There were a few editing/filming errors (i.e. one moment his shirt buttons are undone, the next they are done up). But overall, I thought it was a very interesting video.

There is choreography to this song. I felt the dance could have been a little raunchier, given the song. It isn’t that impressive and felt very held back.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 4/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10

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