[Review] One More Time – TWICE

TWICE is nominated for Best Female Group and Best Japanese Song by a Korean Artist. Have you supported them in this year’s KPOPREVIEWED Awards? If you haven’t, click here for the poll!

This is the start of four reviews for some JPOP songs released by Korean artists. I am going to aim to do them closer to their release date starting next year, so I don’t get around to doing them months later (like these 4 reviews). Today’s focus will be TWICE first original Japanese song. Just prior to their Korean Likey comeback, TWICE released One More Time. This is their first comeback in Japan, after their debut with Signal and TT in Japan.

One More Time ended up being really addictive and catchy in nature, which is something I like, particularly the repetition of ‘One More Time’ throughout the chorus and post-chorus. The song also seems to show off a cute sound but the instrumental keeps the song from going overboard. Out of all the members, I feel like Dahyun and Chaeyoung were the best in the song. Their raps were so fitting for the deep rough electronic synth that featured in the song. The vocals are nice but they weren’t as outstanding as the raps. The autotune at the end didn’t seem it was necessary but it felt fine. But overall, this is definitely a song that has been played multiple times since release.

The music video had this cute feeling to it but overall, it felt rather generic. The video is sports centred with two main matches. Dahyun and Chaeyoung fit it out in a boxing match, while Jihyo and Nayeon get on the court for a tennis match. The other members featured in the background and some other sports. I did like the colour of the sets and some of the camera work. But there isn’t much else to say about it.

Not sure if it is the editing of the music video, but I really liked the scene at 2:13 where Nayeon moves along the line of TWICE members while dancing. It honestly looked quite cool. I also liked the choreography for the post-chorus (at 0:53).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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