[Review] Wolf Baby – TRCNG

Kicking off 2018 is TRCNG, who are returning with their first comeback ever. The group previously made their debut with Spectrum back in October 2017. Their latest mini-album, Who Am I, was released today which features their title track, Wolf Baby.

The dynamic nature of Wolf Baby does remind of songs that could have been released a few years back. I am not saying it sounds outdated but rather it does prick something in my memory bank. I like the upbeat rock-dance instrumental, which manages to make you feel energised and positive. There were various moments (such as 1:37 when we enter the second verse and the intro of the track) that gave a really playful sound as well, which felt very fitting for the song. Usually, those parts would have felt childish but they incorporated in a way that works with the rest of the track. The chorus was quite catchy. The vocals were good but I don’t think they are the standout element of the song. Actually, I felt the most memorable part of the song has to be the rap sequence that occurred during the bridge. It was by far the coolest section of the entire song and provided that extra punch of energy from keeping it too repetitive.

The playful vibes from the song are definitely seen visually throughout the video, which made it into a humorous video. These wolves are what you think they are. The mouths aren’t covered in blood but rather the excessive amount of tomato sauce (or ketchup) they drizzle on their sandwiches. The wolves also play with chainsaws but that clearly backfired with the good old fake hand trick. The sets were creepy (in a good way) which goes hand-in-hand with their visuals for this comeback.

TRCNG managed to throw the fierceness that you would expect from a wolf-themed concept and the cuteness that I believe fits their age range together quite well. The performance was definitely captivating to watch. That introduction was amazing with all the handstands and backflips occurring consecutively.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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