[Review] Baby It’s U – Jung Sewoon

Jung Sewoon has made his first comeback since his debut last year with Baby It’s U and his second mini-album, Part: 2 After. A few months ago, Jung Sewoon debuted with Just U, after participating in Produce 101 Season 2 and finishing in 12th position.

Baby It’s U is described as a ballad but mixed with the EDM style of music. And while it does use two different extremes of music, the song works surprisingly well. It isn’t the first ballad/electronic mix that has been attempted but it is the first one in a very long time. That being said, don’t expect anything hard-hitting because it features EDM. It started off as an acoustic track but it soon progressed into a song that featured a softer form of EDM. The instrumental is quite balanced and very calming, which is something that I really like about this song. It allows his vocals to be at the forefront of the song, which something that I have grown to love since his debut track. I find the song quite catchy and addictive, so I am sure it will be another chart-topper like Just U was, on my Weekly Music Charts. Overall, the track is quite upbeat, fresh and definitely something I will be coming back to.

The music video feels more suited for that period leading into the Summer season. It is something that I am definitely noticing with many comebacks featuring that Summer feel in this videos (or songs) despite it is Winter in South Korea.  The video is made up of Sewoon walking around and enjoying great scenery. It definitely makes for a nice video to watch, with great cinematography. He does find a cylinder cypher, which he solves during the video (and this also made up the teasers for his comeback), which makes sense since he is singing about solving the puzzle to his lover’s heart. Overall, it is a good video complimenting well with the song.

The performance is quite nice. It isn’t anything impressive but it does a good job fitting in with both the ballad (i.e. the slower walking bits at the start) with the more upbeat moves during the chorus (and hence fitting in nicely with EDM side of the song).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10

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