[Review] It’s U – Golden Child

Making their first return to the stage is Golden Child. Golden Child is a group currently under Woolim Entertainment who debuted in August 2017 with Dam Da Di. Since then, they lost a member, Jaeseok, who left the group due to health issues. However, the group has reformed as a 10-member boy group for their comeback.

It’s U feels like your standard KPOP song. There are some synths that make it feel like some past KPOP tracks that give the song a nostalgic element to it, which I actually quite like. I say it is standard because it has that KPOP feel to it but there are some elements that make it feel a tad bland and dry, in my opinion. The verses, for example, didn’t do a good job at keeping my attention. The vocal work and the raps for the song in these sections were okay but they don’t really show anything off nor do they felt memorable. That being said, the song managed to make up in memorability during the chorus with that really catchy and addictive opening to each line. The very fast pace repetition that opens the chorus was the main reason to why the song places towards the higher end of the rating spectrum. Otherwise, the song would have just remained in the bland category for me.

Dam Da Di (their debut track) gave them a young concept that made them look like children, It’s U places them in school uniform outfits and this automatically makes them look so much more mature. I feel like they look so much better in this video, in comparison to their previous concept. Besides that, I am thoroughly confused about what is going on in the video. It seems like the members are learning tricks to impress a girl that they like. That is my (unoriginal) take of the video but I feel like the storyline can be a lot more original than what I think. If you have any understanding of the video, feel free to explain it to me in the comments below!

The performance for this song is quite lively, which fits their image and the song. I really liked the chorus and the pointing choreography that they do with it, which makes sense since they are singing ‘It’s U’ repetitively.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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