[Review] Don’t Be Pretty – 14U

14U made their debut last year in July and I somehow missed out on their debut. On top of that, I somehow missed out on their comeback, VVV, as well. But their second comeback, Don’t Be Pretty, will not be missed. Just some more background information regarding 14U. They are a 14 member boy group currently under BG Entertainment. From the profiles I am looking at, the group is also split into two units 14U-X and 14U-L.

Don’t Be Pretty is another standard KPOP song with its bright and pop feel. While its sound has been done before, for some reason, it manages to stick in my mind. I won’t say it is exactly catchy but it has a decent beat and the instrumental feels refreshing. The vocal work here is quite nice, pairing well with the instrumental. They aren’t the best sounding group out there but there were many great moments in which I thought their vocals were perfect for the setting the instrumental had created (such as the chorus). You don’t need power vocals to stand out and this seems to be a great example of that. However, while I do praise the song, there was a moment which felt extremely awkward. The way the raps were integrated into the song, particularly the first time around in the song, was quite bad. It just didn’t fit right and didn’t feel like it was mixed into the song well enough. But besides that, good song.

The music video has this cringe-worthy feel to it, which I cannot deny. The guys seem to be participating in this game show, which is a decent concept. The way they act in it just seems over-the-top and overly exaggerated. And then the ending, where she somehow gets trapped inside a burning building and one of the members rushes in to save her. Where is the world did that scene come from? They did a good job at showing that vibrant and bright atmosphere but the video was scrambled and confusing.

It seems like any group with a large number of members, who manage to stay in sync throughout their performance is going to get big ticks from me. And 14U is another group who falls under that umbrella. Their moves don’t seem impressive but due to the fact that they managed to stay in sync with each other is quite impressive. It is also great at showing off that bright atmosphere.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 4/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.6/10

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