[Review] If We Can Meet Again – DAY6

2017 was one busy year for DAY6, who successfully released new songs every single month and 2 full-length albums in the past year alone. With the new year already in full swing, DAY6 is starting off 2018 with their Japanese debut and latest track, If We Can Meet Again.

If We Can Meet Again brings us back to the I Wait and How Can I Say releases. It isn’t necessarily your heavy rock track that you would put on to drown out society. But rather it combines that ballad side DAY6 has demonstrated us with their more recent releases, just combining it with that rock element. I actually like this rock side more, mainly because it satisfies this rock craving feeling that I have from time to time. Their ballad side is still quite good and should be greatly appreciated still. Anyway, back to the song. It maintains momentum and feels quite consistent. While I have suggested in the past that too much consistency might be a track’s downfall, this track does feature a few details here and there that does supposedly change it up to keep it interesting. The bridge adds a touch of EDM to the song, which definitely gives the song that intriguing factor. There were slight tempo changes throughout the song but nothing too major as we tend to see in some Korean releases. Per usual, DAY6’s vocals and raps were pretty good. My only one major request for this song would be to have the band go that extra mile with the rock instrumental. I feel like the track can be lifted to a whole new level if they went that extra mile.

I feel like that possible ‘extra mile’ in the song would have also complimented this video. The song (as we are presented with) does match the music video. But I felt like a stronger rock sound would have worked well with the wind blast and shaky camera work during the chorus. I like those elements and also the visual effects in the video, such as the train just going at them at full speed. But as I said, the song currently still works well with the video. The ending was a tad cheesy with some of the members flying backwards and the slow motion not really matching well with the intensity coming from the song. But still, a decent video to watch.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10

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