[Album Review] Yellow Flower (6th Mini Album) – Mamamoo

Mamamoo recently made their comeback with Yellow Flower, their 6th mini-album. It is definitely amazing to see how far the girls have come since their debut days and how they managed to rise to the top of the industry. The mini-album consists of Starry Night, Star Wind Flower Sun and Paint Me (which I have all previously reviewed and linked below). On top of that, there are another 3 different songs on the release. There is also an intro track and like normal, that is not included in the review.

Yellow Flower Album Cover

2..Star Wind Flower Sun (별 바람 꽃 태양)Click here for the full review for Star Wind Flower Sun. (9/10)

3. Starry Night (별이 빛나는 밤) (Title Track)Click here for the full review for Starry Night. (7.2/10)

4. Be Calm (덤덤해지네) (Hwasa Solo) – We all know that the Mamamoo members are all talented with their vocals. We have yet to see Hwasa shine on a solo front yet and Be Calm finally gives her the chance. While her husky vocals do this song justice, I just think this song wasn’t that captivating enough. There were some good parts that made this track still good. Firstly, her vocals. Secondly, the electric guitar and drum instrumental. Thirdly, it makes me want to sway along. And fourthly, it is a relaxing track. (7/10)

5. Rude BoyRude Boy is a very catchy song. The first verse just seemed to pass along and I didn’t really care for it. But the chorus brought my attention back to the song. It has an awesome hook and I thought it was cool. From then on, I liked all the other parts of the track. The song had a body roll type of instrumental. Moonbyul’s raps were also amazing. That pause, however, felt too sudden for my liking but the launch back into the final chorus was awesome enough to forget that issue. (9/10)

6. Spring Fever (봄타)  – I can’t help always point out that all members are singing in the song. I don’t know why but it just happens to be the first thing I notice. The vocals aren’t that breathtaking like in Paint Me, however, it still compliments well with the acoustic sound of the song. Harmonies are also spectacular. Oddly (and this will be hard to explain), the acoustic sounds managed to make me feel like I was listening to some dance music. Finally, I didn’t expect the song to have a rap but it ended up being quite fitting. (10/10)

7. Paint Me (칠해줘)Click here for the full review for Paint Me. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

Yellow Flower Teaser Image

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