[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of March 2018

It is currently the long weekend Easter break where I live, so I just wanted to start off by wishing you all have a happy Easter break (and a joyful weekend for those who do not celebrate Easter)! Other than that, I present to you all this week’s charts post, for the 4th week of March 2018.

Here is a quick summary of the top 5 of the charts. Taking out the number 1 spot on the charts this week is Monsta X’s latest comeback, Jealousy. Stray Kid’s District 9 also managed to book out the 2nd position for this week. Last week’s number 1 song (Look by GOT7) dropped down to the 3rd position, while BSS’s Just Do It managed to keep its foot on the 4th position. Finishing out the top 5 is Mamamoo’s Starry Night.

I am excited for next week, mainly due to the many comebacks that have been confirmed. This includes EXID, Winner, Oh My Girl, Pentagon, The Boyz and the upcoming debut of UNB. With the artists already on the charts, it is going to be one fun week!

For the rest of the charts, scroll down below.

25th Mar – 31st Mar 2017
Title Artist Status
1 Jealousy Monsta X (new)
2 District 9 Stray Kids (new)
3 Look GOT7 (▼ 2)
4 Just Do It BSS (Seventeen) (=)
5 Starry Night Mamamoo (▼ 3)
6 Candyland UP10TION (▼ 3)
7 Black Dress CLC (▼ 2)
8 Go NCT Dream (▲ 40)
9 Boomerang Wanna One (▼ 1)
10 The Chance of Love TVXQ (new)
11 Thanks Seventeen (▲ 1)
12 Boss NCT U (▲ 16)
13 Dreams Come True WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (▼ 2)
14 The Boots Gugudan (▲ 7)
15 I.P.U Wanna One (▼ 8)
16 Baby Don’t Stop NCT U (▲ 21)
17 Touch NCT 127 (▼ 11)
18 Mamma Mia SF9 (▲ 4)
19 Don’t Be Pretty 14U (▲ 14)
20 Gorgeous VAV (▲ 4)
21 True Love Kim Sung Kyu (Infinite) (▲ 5)
22 The Blue Bird April (▼ 13)
23 Star Vromance (▲ 28)
24 Angel Hoya (▲ 1)
25 Dinner Suho (EXO) Jang Jane (▼ 15)
26 It’s U Golden Child (▲ 14)
27 One Samuel ft. Jung Ilhoon (BTOB) (new)
28 Bad Boy Red Velvet (▼ 15)
29 NEGA DOLA BoA (▲ 12)
30 Gone Cold MXM (▲ 4)

Songs that are leaving the charts this week and will not be appearing on the charts starting next week:

  • Spotlight – VAV
  • Bad Boy – Red Velvet
  • Holiday – Suzy
  • It’s U – Golden Child
  • The Boots – Gugudan

So once again, I hope to see you again next Sunday and wish you all have a fantastic week!

2 thoughts on “[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of March 2018

  1. there are coming (and some already came) a lot of interesting comebacks! and now that the solo project of loona is over, have you considered doing a review of the twelve solos?


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