[Album Review] Positive (6th Mini Album) – Pentagon

Pentagon made their comeback at the start of the week with Shine. Shine is the title track off their 6th mini-album, titled as Positive. Pentagon’s last album review. Demo_01 and the title track off that album (Like This) put the group on my radar. And like that mini-album, Positive has proven to be a worthwhile album release. For more of my thoughts on the individual songs, read down below!

Positive Album Cover

1..Offroad – What really jumps out at you with Offroad is its striking yet cluttered instrumental. Despite it being jam-packed and somewhat messy, it works as a very cool aspect of the song. On top of that, it remains in the background, with the vocals and raps staying at the forefront of the song. Both elements were nice but I really like the huskiness of the rapper’s voices in this song. What it could have used was some hype, which would have made this track even better. It is a great opener track, overall. (9/10)

2. Shine (Title Track)Click here for the full review of Shine. (8.7/10)

3. Think About You (생각해) – The song can be described as a slow R&B song with jazzy vibes. Following the intensity of the opening track and the upbeat nature of Shine, it was definitely a nice breather. The song seemed to focus more on the vocals but the rappers still had their moments throughout the song. There was a particular cheerful tone to the song. The song just ended up not being that memorable but it was still nice overall. (7.5/10)

4. Do It For Fun (재밌겠다) (Rapper Unit) – We all know (and I keep on saying time and time again) that rap-based songs aren’t really my cup of tea. But Do It For Fun is one awesome track. It was easy on the ears and quite catchy with the repetition. Given my past comments regarding the rappers, the delivery of their lines was really nice. Towards the end, it does turn into an anthem, which I thought was quite cool. It did go back to the way it started, which was an interesting change-up. Not sure which one would have been the better ending, but both were completely fine. (8/10)

5. Nothing I Can Do (보낼 수밖에) – This felt like your traditional ballad. However, there were some unconventional aspects of the instrumentation (especially in the chorus). Once again, the song focuses heavily on the vocals (but don’t worry, there were raps sequences in the song). All other aspects of the song were awesome. If I were to pick a song to compare this one too, it would be Pentagon’s Beautiful (which was my pick on non-title track of the year last year). I particularly like the violins (or guitar, not sure) at the end of the bridge. (8.5/10)

6. Let’s Go Together (함께 가자 우리) – This track as this ‘feel good’ style, which made it memorable for me. Once again, the vocals and raps both sounded quite pleasant in the song. I really liked the pre-chorus build-up where we get a taster from both sides of the team. The chorus itself was quite nice, with some harmonies between both the rappers and vocalists (which isn’t something you hear all too often). Likewise, the bridge was awesome due to the presence of harmonies. Its overall sound was an excellent way to end the album, where it made you feel good and cheerful afterwards. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.5/10

Positive Teaser Image

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