[Review] Love Tint – Hyungseop X Euiwoong

I, unfortunately, skipped writing a review for Hyungseop and Euiwoong’s debut as a duo last year (most probably due to a lack of time). The two members, Ahn Hyungseop and Lee Eui Woong, made their debut last year with It Will Be Good in November last year. They previously participated in Season 2 of Produce 101. They are currently managed by Yuehua Entertainment, which also manages UNIQ and Cosmic Girls (alongside Starship Entertainment).

Love Tint can easily be described as a Summertime song, with its use of the tropical house genre to portray that bright and refreshing vibe that you commonly associate with the EDM genre. It, interestingly strips away the EDM during the verses, opting it only to be present during the chorus.  That being said, the verse still had synths present but in no ways as much as the chorus. This allows the chorus to be more impactful and become a lot bolder. It also easily becomes the highlight of the song, with it being the most memorable part. Vocally, the duo sounds nice. But there wasn’t anything in it to make me become amazed. The rapping felt a little more promising, kick in when it was required. The bridge seems very typical for these EDM songs, with the buildup very predictable but still working nicely. Overall, it does feel like the song does fall into that ‘standard’ boat but it was still pleasant to listen to.

It is a typical music video for the Summertime track. It is a bright video that features beautiful landscape and scenery that is bound to make become some envious (like me. Winter is fast approaching where I live). It seems like the video is shot somewhere in China, not too particularly sure. I am a little confused about why the sky turned purple in some scenes. But besides that, it was a very fitting video for the song.

I liked how bright their performance was. No, I am not talking about the lighting but rather the energy that comes with their choreography. It isn’t energetic but there is a vibe that I am not too sure how to exactly describe. It was a graceful dance, which felt fitting for the slower parts of the song.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

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