[Special] LOOΠΔ Predebut Solo Song Reviews – Part 1

Please note these special posts are designed to be long and may require some time to read (if you plan on reading the entire post). To help shorten the length, the music video will be inserted as hyperlinked titles, so feel free to click the title of each section to watch the video. 

After multiple requests about LOOΠΔ and reviews for their pre-release singles, it is time to start focusing on what seems to be a very promising girl group. Each Wednesday for the month of May, I will be releasing a special set of reviews for the LOOΠΔ members, which will focus on both their main and side-tracks as well.

LOOΠΔ is a 12-member girl group under Blockberry Creative. While they have yet to officially debut, their pre-debut promotion is extremely unusual. Starting in October 2016, each month a new member of the group is unveiled to the public. This continued until the end of March 2018. And with the completion of this pre-debut promotions, the group will be preparing and gearing up for their official debut which has been rumoured to be October this year.

Once I heard the project, I decided to wait for all the songs to be released (similar to what I did with previous project releases). I just didn’t anticipate for it to be such a long wait, as they also unveiled subunits made up of the already revealed members along the way, which drew the project out even longer.  Talking about subunits, this is not the first time I have spoken about LOOΠΔ, as I have taken some time out to review and look closely to their subunit releases, which you can find out below.

LOOΠΔ 1/3 – Love & Live & Sonatine
LOOΠΔ Odd Eye Circle – Girl Front & Sweet Crazy Love

Today’s post will look at the main tracks from the 6 members who were revealed first. I will be focusing on the song and music video standalone, as I am interested in doing another special post focusing on the connections between their music videos.

ViVid – Heejin (October 2016)


Opening up the entire project is Heejin with ViVid. And I personally cannot think of any song that would have been able to leave such a strong impression on me. It is extremely catchy with its unique chorus and jazzy instrumental. The “Oh My God, Yes” just repeats in my head since I first heard it. The song was also spoken, which gave it character and uniqueness. I also really liked the music video. From the obviously high production value, bold colours and eye-catching choreography, what more can you ask for!

Around You – Hyunjin (November 2016)


Hyunjin’s song is more soothing and less dramatic with its sound. Unfortunately, right off the bat, the song did fall on the dry end of the spectrum for me. She had nice vocals, which was nasally. The ballad-like song had a nice instrumental but it just felt like a let-down, especially after the eye-opening ViVid track. The music video opens up in the POV of a cat and the music is muffled here (to give the effect of listening to it via radio or CD). The audio kicks back into normal mid-way. Not exactly sure what happened in this music video with the many cat heads and the hairdresser guy. But I can say the hazy nature of the lighting did match the song’s style.

Let Me In – Haseul (December 2016)


Following Hyunjin’s song is Haseul, who kicks the standard up back to the level set by Heejin. What we have is a tango and classical based song and a grand feel that you cannot avoid. This was particularly felt leading into the chorus and as a whole, producing an epic feeling.  It also compliments her very nice vocals. I really liked how she ended the song with a sort of whispering, which was also quite chilling. With regards to the music video, I absolutely love the scenery. Everything from the transition between the outfit she wore outside to the white outfit on the black background to the crashed plane, everything was purely breathtaking.

Kiss Later – Yeojin (January 2017)


Yeonjin seems to be in charge of the innocence and cutesy side of the group. I love the retro and showtime vibes that the song is channelling. Her vocals don’t really seem to be her strongest point but they do contribute to the overall cutesy charm of the track. The speak-rap that was similar to Heejin’s but more traditional in nature. Overall, I thought it was rather catchy and had a cheerful tone. The music video was fitting for the song. It did creep over to the odd side of things, especially how she was crushing on the gigantic frogman. I particularly loved the ending scene, where they were going in for a kiss but Yeojin turns away and vomits out the rainbow soft serve. So cutesy and such a funny video.

Everyday I Love You (ft. Haseul) – ViVi (April 2017)


ViVi’s song starts off as a ballad like (with echoey vocals) and surprisingly develops into a pop dance track. It was a decent song. The pleasant-sounding chorus works really well ViVi’s vocals and becomes the main attraction with its more upbeat melody. The verses could have been more interesting. I feel like the rapping was good, preventing the song from becoming too repetitive and literally saved the song from feeling too ’empty’. The music video was also quite nice, set in a retro rollerskate park. There were some scenes (like when Haseul and the other members were featured) that reminded me of the style of the 90s KPOP music videos. The choreography was also quite nice to watch.

Eclipse – Kim Lip (May 2017)


Kim Lip leaves a very large impression on you with her unique vocals. With the music, Eclipse is a very aesthetically pleasing R&B styled song. While the verses did seem plain, the chorus had an amazing melody. I really enjoyed the way she sang the word “Eclipse”. I also thought the bridge was really well done, showcasing the best moments of both her vocals and the instrumental of the song. The music video was extremely artsy, with the bold red colour being very eerie, but at the same time, very aesthetic. There were two sections of the video which I liked, including the transition at 1:16-1:17 and the change in colours at 1:08-1:09. The choreography was nice. It was sexy yet elegant at the same time.

Check back in next week for the 2nd part of the LOOΠΔ reviews!

2 thoughts on “[Special] LOOΠΔ Predebut Solo Song Reviews – Part 1

  1. I’ve been waiting for this yay! I love your reviews and comments about each member! I actually felt the same with Hyunjin’s around you. It had that OST genre that perfect for the MV.

    The story of her MV was that how she couldn’t get the confidence she need to confess to the guy that she likes so she ends up being a “stalker” that follows the boy around just like a cat. That’s why the title of her song is “AROUND YOU.”

    Also, Kim Lip’s solo was the start of BBC marketing to the international fans so there was a huge shift of concept and genre.

    Looking forward to your next review on JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you for your kind comments!! Thank you for the explanation you provided for Hyunjin’s video. It now makes perfect sense.

    I am actually glad that BBC realized that LOONA was getting a following internationally and tweaked the marketing to cater for overseas fans. Very smart and it is paying off big time.

    Definitely can’t wait for the upcoming subunit debut and their actual 12-member group debut later this year.

    PS. The next review for the 6 final members will be released very very soon!

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