[Album Review] Heal (4th Mini Album) – Lovelyz

Apologies for the lack of album reviews in the past week. I had to drop them temporarily due to my studies (it got hectic real fast). Now that the first hurdle is over, I am glad I can finally edit and publish on that I was holding for a few weeks now. Lovelyz made their comeback with That Day, which earned them their second trophy. It is the lead title track off their 4th mini-album, Heal. With no further delay, here is my album review!

Heal Album Cover

2. That Day (그날의 너) (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of That Day. (7.9/10)

3. Bizarre (미묘미묘해)Bizarre is an upbeat and bright pop track with a cutesy vibe and retro feel. It is super catchy. It follows well after the title track with its ‘fun’ sound. Despite that, there was a ‘serious’ pre-chorus, which zoned right into the strong vocals and built up perfectly into the chorus. The verses were extremely colourful, which I really liked. Most awkward part of the song was definitely the end, where this deep tone came in. Quirky can be used to describe it but too random for my taste. Overall, a near-perfect song. (9.5/10) 

4. Temptation – This contrast nicely with a more serious and mature tone. I really like the synth in the background that gives the song an almost futuristic sound. While the vocals don’t really hit that peak as in their previous two tracks, it sounds equally as nice here. The chorus provided a blast of energy which made it feel so refreshing. And the change-up did wonders to the track. Lovelyz don’t rap too often, so it did feel a little foreign to hear a rap sequence in their song. Following the rap was a soft piece of melodic music. Not too much of a fan of that but it gave a very different feel. (9/10)

5. Watercolour (수채화) – The mandatory ballad on all album releases is back to bite us. The song does showcase nice vocals, like in their previous tracks. There were nice ballads. However, it felt like your typical sweet-sounding ballad that girl groups tend to throw onto their albums. It sadly is the least interesting track on this album but still decent to listen to. (7/10)

6. SHINING★STAR – The song fondly reminds me of their previous album. It starts off with a very typical pop sound but instantly changes up with a chaotic piece of music lasting for a few seconds, which reminds me of ‘retro sounding video games’. The thumping in the verses and fast tempo really makes the song stand out. Chorus was nice however I felt the vocals were overshadowed by the intensity of the instrumental. From the second verse onwards, the song was quite repetitive, with nothing new to offer. The end of the song follows an energetic formula but was sadly too abrupt for my taste. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Heal Teaser Image

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