[Review] Lady – Yubin

How haven’t I brushed everything (studies, personal commitments) to the side and write anything about this amazing song? Let’s backtrack, firstly. Yubin is the well-known rapper of the iconic (and now disbanded) Wonder Girls. Since the announcement of the end of the group, Yubin has been preparing for a solo debut. And this past Tuesday, it officially occurred with the release of Lady.

I personally don’t think we have seen anything as retro as this for a while now. Yubin’s solo debut track really takes you back to the disco era, especially (what I assumed to be) the Korean or Japanese disco era. The track does not hold back from the very first second, opting to throw you right into its addictive instrumental and hook. Both the verses and choruses were quite good but they don’t really live up to the standard set by that opening sequence/post-chorus. I personally love the slow-down in the bridge, along with the fact that Yubin, Wonder Girl’s resident rapper, does not rap at all in the song. I find that very interesting and surprised that she sounds so good.  On top of that, I love the ‘Baby Baby’ that connects the pre-chorus to the actual chorus. I am hooked onto this whether I liked it or not and I can see myself constantly replaying this song in the weeks to come.

Fitting with the song’s sound, the music video is retro themed. From her outfit to the lighting in the video, everything points directly to the 70s or 80s. Even the filters placed on the video post-production (that hazy effect) and the overall cinematography just lines up with that era. There isn’t much else to the video. No plotline. Just Yubin and the retro vibes.

I really like how simple the choreography for that opening sequence/post-chorus instrumental section. But despite that, it worked perfectly to seem like a catchy dance move. I also like the chorus’s accompanying move as well, which seems to be a more angled version of previously described dance move.

Song – 9.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10


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