[Review] Only One For Me – BTOB

After a very successful comeback, BTOB has finally returned with their 11th mini-album to date. This Is Us (the mini-album’s title) features Only One For Me, which the title track and the pre-release single, The Feeling (which was released last week). As mentioned previously, the group made a very big splash in the industry last year with their Missing You track, which charted extremely high during their promotional run.

Only One For Me takes BTOB’s vocals (made popular by their ballad trilogy and Missing You comeback) and combines it with a Summer seasonal instrumental. While that combination doesn’t really make sense in my head, it works really well. And the melody for that section of the song was quite light and drifty. The song does manage to have a change-up, which you can hear in the second half of the chorus, where the group comes together as one and chants their way through. It gives the song a catchy foundation, which I gladly appreciate. It does maintain the instrumentation but the major change is how they vocally put themselves forward. The song does return to that melodic flow that it started off with, kicking up a notch for Peniel’s ‘hype-feel’ and Minhyuk’s powerful rap sequence. Vocally, the group sounded amazing. I really like the song and if you enjoyed their previous track, this is something you should check out.

I liked the opening shots with the members returning from some formal event and kind of kicking it back. They split up from each other doing their own thing. But I like how they managed to show the members in a one-shot motion, the camera shifting focus from member to member when they enter each other’s screens. The video then goes to some wharf, which the members relax on (while still in their formal gear). And then there were night shots with the members in more casual wear. It was a nice video to watch, complimenting the song’s ballad-y feels. I like how the shots were smooth, which also complimented the song.

[Updated] As expected, there was choreography in the performance of this song. I really liked the dance for the second half of the chorus, which looks even better when the fans are harmonising along with the song. Also, I thought Changsub’s solo moment at the very start of the song was quite nice, as well. It was a pleasant routine for a very pleasant sounding song.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10 
Overall Rating – 8.2/10 [Updated]


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