[Review] Summer Dream – ELRIS

ELRIS has made their return to the stage with their Summer single, Summer Dream. This is my first time reviewing a song from these ladies, so let’s get acquainted with them. ELRIS is a 5-member girl group under Hunus Entertainment, who made their debut last year in 2017, with We, First. Summer Dream is their second comeback as the girls made their first comeback in September 2017 with Pow Wow. The group consist of Sohee, Yukyung, Bella, Hyeseong and Karin.

Summer Dream is your standard KPOP cutesy track fitted well for the Summer season. It isn’t necessarily the most catchiest or memorable song out at the moment but it has a few moments that really had me interested in the song. Despite the song being ‘standard’, the song does give off APINK’s Remember vibes. That being said, the two songs are not the same. Another section which I felt was odd was the instrumental breakdown at the bridge. It doesn’t necessarily suit the cutesy vibes of the song but it manages to work well together. The girls also have really nice vocals. Throughout the song, I was drawn to the song through the vocals, especially the moments where they are singing without any instrumental playing in the background as they sound the best there. Apart from that, the ‘standard’ issue does get to you. If they managed to make the chorus more dynamic and make the hook more catchier, I think they would have a really nice song. For now, it is decent.

There really isn’t much in the video to talk about. Summer makes you think of the beach, so this is where the video is set at. It does also take a cutesy approach, which was expected from the song’s sound. They also went with a sailor outfit, which looked cute. They managed to bold the colour blue, which really made the music video pop. But other than that, I wasn’t that interested in the music video.

It was a nice performance to watch, fitting in with the cutesy vibe of the song once again. But it wasn’t a memorable stage that makes me want to return to watch their performances.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Performance – 5/10
Overall Rating – 6.3/10

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