[Special] Number 1 Songs from July 2017 – June 2018

One year ago, I celebrated a year worth of charts by posting a recap of the song which topped the charts for each week. Today, I plan to the exactly same thing for the charts published between July 2017 and June 2018. It has been an exciting year for the charts, with an actual full years worth of charts and the growth of the segment on the site. While they do take some time to write, I am always enjoying publishing them and the attention which they currently get.

For this post, I have listed the songs and the weeks in which it was ranked as number 1 on the charts. It will make a little more sense once you see it. Let’s get going!

What’s My Name? – T-ARA
(1st Week of July 2017)

Red Flavour – Red Velvet
(2nd Week of July 2017)

Hola Hola – KARD
(3rd Week of July 2017)

Rain – KNK
(4th Week of July 2017)

Tomorrow, Today – JJ Project
(1st Week of August 2017)

Holiday – SNSD
(2nd Week of August 2017)
(3rd Week of August 2017)

Energetic – Wanna One
(4th Week of August 2017)

Gashina – Sunmi
(5th Week of August 2017)

Power – EXO
(1st Week of September 2017)

Honeymoon – B.A.P
(2nd Week of September 2017)

(3rd Week of September 2017)

Just U – Jeong Sewoon
(4th Week of September 2017)

Rollin’ – B1A4
(1st Week of October 2017)

You Are – GOT7
(2nd Week of October 2017)
(3rd Week of October 2017)

Going Crazy – UP10TION
(4th Week of October 2017)

Fantasy – JBJ
(1st Week of November 2017)

(2nd Week of November 2017)
(3rd Week of November 2017)

Peek-A-Boo – Red Velvet
(4th Week of November 2017)

You In Me – KARD
(5th Week of November 2017)

Lip & Hip – Hyuna
(1st Week of December 2017)

I Like You – DAY6
(2nd Week of December 2017)

Hands Up – B.A.P
(3rd Week of December 2017)
(4th Week of December 2017)

Paint Me – Mamamoo
(1st Week of January 2018)

Boom Boom – Momoland
(2nd Week of January 2018)

Heroine – Sunmi
(3rd Week of January 2018)
(4th Week of January 2018)
(5th Week of January 2018)

Baby It’s U – Jung Sewoon
(1st Week of February 2018)

Thanks – Seventeen
(2nd Week of February 2018)
(3rd Week of February 2018)

Boss – NCT U
(4th Week of February 2018)

Dreams Come True – WJSN (Cosmic Girls)
(1st Week of March 2018)

Starry Night – Mamamoo
(2nd Week of March 2018)

Look – GOT7
(3rd Week of March 2018)

Jealously – Monsta X
(4th Week of March 2018)
(1st Week of April 2018)

Love It Like It – YDPP
(2nd Week of April 2018)

What Is Love? – TWICE
(3rd Week of April 2018)

Scentist – VIXX
(4th Week of April 2018)

That Day – Lovelyz
(1st Week of May 2018)
(2nd Week of May 2018)

Tulips – Snuper
(3rd Week of May 2018)

Fake Love – BTS
(4th Week of May 2018)

Bingle Bangle – AOA
(5th Week of May 2018)
(1st Week of June 2018)
(2nd Week of June 2018)

Only One For Me – BTOB
(3rd Week of June 2018)

Shoot Me – DAY6
(4th Week of June 2018)

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