[Review] Is It True – TARGET

TARGET is a lesser-known KPOP group in the industry, who made their debut earlier this year with Awake. While I wasn’t exactly a fan of their debut track, I am always willing to give artists such as TARGET another go, mainly because the type of songs change as groups mature. Is It True is released as the group’s first single album.

Is It True isn’t as awkward sounding as their debut single, which already says this track is much more likeable as a result. The rapping this time around feels fitting for the song, going hand-in-hand with the melodic driven song. The vocal work was nice, with the vocalists each having a different colour or roughness to their voice, which in turn gives the song some texture. I did like its flowy nature, which got that swaying effect that I commonly like. The only problem with this song has is that it quite plain and doesn’t really develop much. It is nice but it isn’t something that sets the group apart from the other rookies that are debuting at the moment. I think the song would have done a little better if it was released a few years back, mainly because it does remind me of some KPOP tracks in the past (i.e. songs released earlier in the decade).

The music video doesn’t have much going on. In a way, it matches the peaceful vibes that the song has. However, I don’t really find it that interesting because it lacks that factor. I did notice how each scene had a certain dominant colour, with the rest of the scene in a very neutral colour (see image below). And usually, the dominant colour was very confined to a small section within the scene, which allowed it be bolder. Not sure what its intended effect was but it was an observation picked up from the video.

Notice how the green is confined to a small section and everything else is rather neutral. This is seen often during the video.

Watching the choreography, I can’t help but notice that their hand movements resemble sign languaage. Know I don’t know exactly if this is the case (though some people agree according to the comments on YouTube) but it definitely makes the performance look extremely graceful and smooth. I also like the choreography during the bridge, especially when the members transition.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 5/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 6.1/10

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