[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of July 2018

Welcome back to this week’s charts post. I am late once again due to a very busy day. And I can’t promise the next few weeks will be any better as I restart university and will have a bit on my plate this semester. But I will endevour to get reviews/posts out accordingly, so you don’t need to worry to much! I still have yesterday’s Japanese song review to publish, which I will do after this chart post is out!

But more importantly, who took out the top spot on the charts this week? As many would expect, TWICE sits neatly on the throne (i.e. first position) with their latest song, Dance The Night Away. In second position is last week’s number one song, APINK’s I’m So Sick. Momoland’s BAAM, AOA’s Bingle Bangle and Target’s Is It True completes the top 5 for this week. For the rest of the top 30 for this week, scroll down below!

I am super excited for the impending comebacks of Seventeen and Mamamoo tomorrow. And the comebacks of Triple H, Kim Chungha and Seungri (Big Bang) later this week as well. I may not be able to handle this week (due to these big comebacks), so follow me on Twitter to get a rolling update of how I am handling the week! (Was that subtle?)

8th Jul – 14th Jul 2018
Title Artist Status
1 Dance The Night Away TWICE (new)
2 I’m So Sick APINK (▼ 1)
3 BAAM Momoland (▲1)
4 Bingle Bangle AOA (▲14)
5 Is It True? Target (new)
6 Black Heart UNB (▲3)
7 Shoot Me DAY6 (▼ 5)
8 Complete ONF (▲6)
9 Our Page SHINee (▼ 4)
10 KeePer The Boyz (new)
11 Grapes Busters (▲36)
12 DKDK fromis_9 (▲13)
13 Let Me Golden Child (▼ 3)
14 Blue Moon Kyungri (9MUSES) (▼ 7)
15 Something New Taeyeon (SNSD) (▲9)
16 Sunset Kim Dong Han (▲15)
17 I Want You SHINee (▲4)
18 Semina Gugudan Semina (new)
19 She Bad MYTEEN (new)
20 Get It Pristin V (▲18)
21 I’m Not Afraid Holland (▲5)
22 No More UNI.T (▲17) (Final Week)
23 Déjà Vu NU’EST W (▼ 17)
24 Starlight BOL4 (▲5)
25 Only One For Me BTOB (▼ 17)
26 love4eva LOONA yxyy (▼ 11)
27 Ddu-Du Ddu-Du BLACKPINK (▼ 8)
28 Take Me Higher A.C.E (▼ 6)
29 Is Who Minseo (▲18)
30 Good Evening SHINee (▼ 18)

Songs leaving the chart this week are:

  • Salty – Kanto
  • How R U Feeling? – N.Flying
  • Fake Love – BTS
  • No More – UNI.T

Thank you once again and have a great week!

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