[Review] I’m So Afraid – HOLLAND

HOLLAND’s plans for his latest comeback was a twin singles return. He unveiled his first single, I’m Not Afraid, two weeks ago. In that review, I had predicted that his second single would be titled as On The Second Moon as those were the words that closed off his music video. However, as always, I was incorrect and his second single as part of the twin single comeback is I’m So Afraid.

I’m So Afraid opens up like a ballad but it turns into an EDM track, which I thought was an interesting combination. The synths used in this song is a little more explosive (in volume) that we are used to. But in a way, I thought that this extra volume and the synths contributed to a more suspenseful drop and eerie feel to the song, which I thought plays neatly to the title of the song. Particularly during the buildup to the pre-chorus, there was this very epic yet gradually building feel, which I tend to like in some songs. His vocals throughout the song had some sort of quivering effect, which also worked nicely with a song called ‘I’m So Afraid’. It then closes off as a ballad, ending the song as a full circle. The song seems to allude to his feelings of himself prior to realizing/accepting who he is. Overall, the song was quite good and it is something that I would listen to often, given its epic buildup.

The video starts off with where we left off in I’m Not Afraid. HOLLAND wakes up in the forest, wearing pink pyjamas. However, HOLLAND only appears at the start and end of the video. The rest of the video involves a female dancer, who dances interpretively in a city setting wearing the same pink pyjamas as HOLLAND. I liked her dancing, which spoke in volumes alongside the epicness of the music. Besides that, I don’t really know what the meaning of the video is. I would like to learn a little more about the storyline and the connections between the two videos. Was the first video like the reality but on the inside, he feels more like the second video – conflicted and scared?

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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