[Review] 20 Something – Jeong Sewoon

Personally, I think Jeong Sewoon is one of the best male soloists active at the moment. I have enjoyed the title tracks for his debut and 1st comeback, so I am interested in what type of music he going to release next. And today, he joins the Summer comeback rush with his comeback track, 20 Something which is produced by Melomance’s Jung Dong Hwan. The song is featured on Sewoon’s 3rd mini-album, Another.

The song has this particular vibe that I have grown to associate with Soyou’s work and collaboration with other artists. The harmonies and the very ‘traditional’ instrumental does feel that way. I say ‘traditional’ because it uses piano and drums, creating a very sombre atmosphere, whereas his previous songs have featured synths and feel more modernised. And with that, I imagine this song going nicely in Autumn environment, especially a walk in the park with leaves falling. I didn’t necessarily get a Summer’s vibe which I thought was interesting. I wasn’t a fan of the ending as this is probably the most absurd of all abrupt endings. I did really like the instrumental break, where his vocals contribute to the instrumental. I thought that section was really unique and memorable. His vocals were pretty good. Overall, I  liked the song but there were aspects that don’t feel that typical for a Summer’s release.

The video opens up with Sewoon checking into a hotel but then going for a movie, which I thought was rather confusing for a second. And it seems like he is watching a movie about himself travelling to different places around Europe. The video shows nice residential scenery. While the video does look really good, I think a more Autumn setting to would have been more fitting for the song. For example, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the darken piano scenes which were shown during the instrumental break. I don’t know why it is darkened but it really does look cool (and I thought he was going with a dark concept for this comeback). But it was a nice and soothing video to watch.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10

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