[Weekly Chart] 4th Week of August 2018

Guess who is back, ready to catch up on the many reviews that were missed out in the last few weeks! Oh and write up a tonne of album reviews because there was so many great albums released in August! But before then, we must find out which song managed to clinch itself onto the top spot on the charts for the past week of 19th of August to the 25th of August.

We have two new songs making their first appearance this week in the Top 5. Upside Down (by BIGFLO) is this week’s 1st place song, knocking down (G)I-DLE’s HANN from last week (which dropped down to 4th place. IMFACT’s NANANA takes hold of second place, while Between Us (by Laboum) is back in 3rd position. Finally, rounding out the top 5 is Momoland’s BAM, which rose 24 spots from 29 last week.

And with that, a number of songs jumped over 20 places this week to land themselves back in the Top 30. Those artists include Momoland, MXM, Kyungri (9MUSES), The Boyz, Teen Top, Zico & IU and VARSITY. To see where they ranked, scroll down below.

19th Aug – 25th Aug 2018
Title Artist Status
1 Upside Down BIGFLO (new)
3 Between Us Laboum (▲3)
4 HANN (G)I-DLE (▼ 3)
5 BAM Momoland (▲24)
6 Ya Ya Ya MXM (▲21)
7 Ride On The Wind KARD (▲12)
8 Now or Never SF9 (▲1)
9 My Pace Stray Kids (▼ 7)
10 Hi High LOONA (new)
11 Power Up Red Velvet (▼ 7)
12 Woo Woo DIA (▼ 9)
13 Always You ASTRO (▼ 5)
14 IDOL BTS (new)
15 Green Apple Berry Good (▲7)
16 Blue Moon Kyungri (9MUSES) (▲25)
17 favouRiTe LOONA (▲11)
18 I’m So Sick APINK (▼ 11)
19 Bout You Super Junior-D&E (▲17)
20 Keeper The Boyz (▲20)
21 BAE Hyolyn (▲14)
22 Lover Teen Top (▲28)
23 SoulMate Zico (Block B) ft. IU (▲30)
24 Summer’s Night Dream FT Island (▲19)
25 Retro Future Triple H (▲8)
26 Flower VARSITY (▲21)
27 Egotistic Mamamoo (▼ 14)
28 Dance The Night Away TWICE (▼ 4)
29 Killing Me iKON (▼ 19)
30 Oh My! SEVENTEEN (▼ 25)

Songs leaving the chart this week are:

  • déjà vu  – NU’EST W
  • Our Page – SHINee
  • Bam – Momoland
  • Shoot Me – DAY6
  • Summer Dream – ELRIS
  • Black Heart –  UNB

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