[Review] We Go Up – NCT Dream

NCT Dream is known for their youthful image and sound. And they will continually do just that. But as members get older, they don’t necessarily fit the image anymore. Thus, NCT Dream is a rotational unit made up of teenagers and members will graduate from the group as they are of age. Basically, SM Entertainment confirmed that Mark will be leaving the lineup. Thus, this makes We Go Up Mark’s last comeback as part of the NCT Dream. So let’s have one close look at Mark’s final song with the group.

We Go Up takes that hip-hop style that was present during their Go promotions earlier in the year, combining it with that youthful sound that they are known for. The resulting combination actually comes together quite nicely. The instrumentation felt very trendy and very energetic. There were cowbells and when that is used well (like in this song), it adds another layer of appeal.  The chorus was definitely catchy and had this suspenseful feel to it, which I quite liked.  The rap verses reminded me of the 90s, while the vocals were quite nice. Though, I felt like the vocals could have had some more colour to it, like how the raps stood out. Overall, the song was definitely an improvement from their Go days but still retaining that sound.

Knowing how this is Mark’s final promotion round with Dream, I noticed a lot of the video felt like a send-off for Mark. While all the members were sleeping, Mark was the one walking around the room (There was a scene where Chenle was walking around but he notices the hourglass is almost up, so he realizes that Mark is about to leave). Within his sleep, he reminisces about the fun events they had together. Overall, I thought it was a nice video, and if my perspective is right, quite touching as well.

You might have waited for this review to be published last night (and I apologise if you did). However, I actually decided to wait a day for the start of their live promotions. I thought their choreography was quite powerful and fitting for the hip-hop style they went for in the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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