[Album Review] Summer Magic (2nd Summer Special Album) – Red Velvet

Taking on Summer once again is Red Velvet, following the success of Red Flavour and The Red Summer (released last year). The mini-album, Summer Magic, features 7 songs. I will only be reviewing 6 of the song (with the last one being Bad Boy (English Version), which I believe they performed at a KCON event). And with Summer wrapping up in the Northern hemisphere, let’s quickly have a closer look at the album before it gets too chilly.

Summer Magic Album Cover

1.Power Up (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Power Up. (6/10)

2. With You (한 여름의 크리스마스)With You reminds me of Summer due to the presence of the instrumentation (hollow drums reminding me of the Caribbean and the tropics). The song itself also features great vocals from the members. The best part was when they sing together for the chorus, while some of their solo moments to give the chance for each member to stand out. There is a hint of catchiness making this a decent song to listen to. Not sure how Christmas relates to the Summer sounding track (I, unfortunately, do not have time to look up lyrics for this review), as the final Korean word in the title is ‘Christmas’. (8/10)

3. Mr. E – This song reminds me of another song which I cannot pinpoint yet. But its sense of nostalgia is greatly appreciated. It has that exotic vibe which sounds quite nice. The song itself is quite addictive, consisting of a very catchy hook and great melodies throughout the rest of the song. Like the previous song, the song also features great vocals. I also liked the rapping in the song but would have liked some more, to be honest. (8/10)

4. Mosquito – Probably my most favourite song on the entire track list. From the instrumentation to the vocal work, everything seemed perfect. But it is even better when everything feels epic. I like the hip-hop feel in this song, which gives a little flavour to the song that is unlike any other on this album. It also gives this song that extra edginess, which is why I describe it as ‘epic’. I liked how the instrumentation was relatively simple, but the suspenseful thumping came at the right time. Favourite line of the entire song has to be the ‘Na Na Na(10/10)

5. Hit That Drum – Following nicely from Mosquito is Hit That Drum that carries the same momentum. It sadly isn’t as epic sounding, but it has that catchiness that the previous song through its chorus. I have been humming the song since I first heard of it. It does remind me of another KPOP song, but I cannot figure out which (or even its it was by Red Velvet or not). It does need a little more of something to make it even better, but it was still another favourite. (9/10)

6. Blue LemonadeBlue Lemonade aims to be a refreshing song and it nails its job perfectly. While its elements are very traditional, the overall feel of the song has that fresh tone which you want to hear with any new song. I like the bubbly effects the song contains, which personalises the song to the group very well and allow for the title to come to life. Once again great vocals, especially the ending to finish off the song. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Summer Magic/Power Up Teaser Image

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