[Review] Siren – Sunmi

After Gashina and Heroine, Sunmi has finally returned with the final part of this trilogy. I personally had no idea that this was a trilogy, though the music videos had similar elements. Siren is Sunmi’s new release and it features on her second mini-album, Warning. So before we get a ‘Warning’ for delaying the review, let’s move along.

Another great song from Sunmi. It is a really catchy song that I have already replayed too many times since its release a few hours back. I can see how some people may say that it is similar to the previous songs in the trilogy but I can definitely see the uniqueness of the song. The chorus reminds me of pop songs you would have heard from the Western music industry in the ’00s, hence there is a sense of nostalgia. I feel like the verses were the biggest letdown of the song, as it felt like it was the plainest sections of the song. I like the chorus the most, due to its catchy nature. But the breakdown in the bridge was the most interesting. It felt odd but it ended up working really well when you look back at the song.

Once again, the music video for Siren is quite similar to what we got in Gashina and Heroine. The closeup of Sunmi at the very start is a clear example of how similar the videos looked. This time around Sunmi is getting ready, casually sneezing and then returning to touch up her eyelashes. I thought the use of the different Sunmi’s throughout the video gave it some interesting momentum to drive the video forward. As for the cage during the bridge, I am quite sure Sunmi could have fitted through the bars. But other than that, it was a really good video.

I thought the dance was quite cool, particularly around the chorus of the song. I also love the low lunge just before the chorus, which I thought was very seductive. I liked the use of the makeshift cage, which added a cool element for the performance as well.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10



6 thoughts on “[Review] Siren – Sunmi

  1. ah i had zero idea it was a trilogy ! siren is actually a rejected wonder girls song i’d love to hear how the song would’ve sounded if it was recorded by the rest of the wonder girls. As a whole the album is a solid body of work , sunmi exceeded my expectations.


    1. I also too wonder heard how it would have sounded like if it was a Wonder Girl’s song. But the reasoning behind its rejection made sense to me. Check out my album review if you haven’t yet.


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