[Review] Naughty Boy – Pentagon

Despite being affected by some dating revelations, Pentagon has returned as an 8-member group with their Thumbs Up mini-album and the title track, Naughty Boy. E’Dawn is not participating in the comeback due to his dating life with Hyuna (I am not going to call it a scandal, as it isn’t a scandal!), while Yanan has taken time off for health issues. This is the group’s first comeback since their viral hit Shine, which was released back in March of this year.

After the likes of Shine, I don’t know how the group could release a song that could potentially be better than Shine. But Naughty Boy is an awesome attempt (and if all goes well, it could potentially go viral once again). Why do I say that, well, the song has that chanting anthem acting as the post-chorus, so it is quite easy to get the song stuck in your mind. Mind you, I have spent the last few hours replaying songs due to their catchiness and this one is definitely one of them. I thought both the rapping and the vocals were quite good. There is a very cheerful vibe to the song which automatically channels straight into my head, making me quite happy afterwards (I am quite stressed at the moment). This is the type of song that you would want playing when you revert to an immature side of yourself (and I think the lyrics do reference that).

The video is definitely not typical. It features the weird frog concept, which dominates this comeback both in the lyrics and visually. To a foreigner (like me), it is definitely odd. However, there might be a folktale about the tree frog in Korea, which would instantly put this video into context. If there is, please let us all know in the comments below! As for the music video, I like how the members are all having fun. It doesn’t feel fake. And this alone adds levels of appeal to the video. And I like how the production made sure the boys were safe throughout the video. At the choreography scene at the construction site, they wore hi-vis jackets. Not the most glamorous outfit but they made it work.

The choreography references Shine a fair bit. I like that tactic but hope it isn’t going to be overused. The rest of the choreography seems to be new moves, which I thought were fun and simple, great for fans to dance along to. It definitely looks promising and I can’t wait to see a live performance for this song!

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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