[Album Review] Present: You (3rd Studio Album) – GOT7

It is time for an album review! GOT7 recently returned with their chart-topping 3rd full-length album, Present: You and the title track, Lullaby. The album consists of 15 songs, which include 4 versions of the title track and 7 solo tracks. I will not be reviewing all four versions of the title track, hence this album review will be looking into the first 12 songs on the album. And as a 12 song review is quite lengthy, let’s get right into it.

Present: You Album Cover

1..Lullaby (Title Track)Click here to read full review of Lullaby. (9/10)

2. EnoughEnough’s starts was a very mediocre at first listen. But once the chorus kicked in and my ears are filled with the upbeat and energetic sounds, I found myself enjoying the song. The chorus definitely was a dynamic component of the song and my favourite section. I thought the vocals were excellent, particularly during the bridge of the song. The rapping gave the song that familiar hip-hop feel that you got from Teenager (from one of their past albums). (7.5/10)

3. Save You (지켜줄게) – The instrumentation for Save You reminds me of ‘90s hip-hop. The same synths were used and some of the rap lines gave off that feeling. I thought the pre-chorus instrumentation was a great build-up technique and grabbed my attention. Following that was the really upbeat and energy filled chorus, which was also memorable. The song did feel somewhat repetitive, with nothing new to offer. The ending was rather abrupt and I feel like they could have eased out, as that would allow us to end the song without this need to relieve intensity. (7/10)

4. No One Else – The first aspect of the song that I noticed was the shuffling effect and smaller details within the R&B instrumentation. The second aspect was the husky vocals during the first verses, which I thought was cool. The third standout aspect was how the song seems to break boundaries by going down a non-traditional route with its choruses. The verses were more upbeat than the chorus, with the chorus feeling almost acapella like. I thought this was really cool and very unique. I also like the pulsing outro, which really fits in well with the song. (9.5/10)

5. I Am Me – I am glad they chose this song as the secondary promotional track during their first week of promotions. Not saying any of the other songs didn’t deserve a chance but this song was impactful. It was the first b-side to really capture my attention. I thought the chorus was rather aesthetic and the drop was extremely dynamic. BamBam’s rapping was beautiful., while Jackson and Mark were given equally as beautiful vocal lines in the song. And this is on top of the usual vocals from the vocalists. I think the final thing to really mention about this track were the lyrics, which I guess were about loving yourself, despite your flaws. (10/10)

6. Sunrise (JB Solo) – The song felt like something you would get from DEAN or Crush. Sunrise is a slow R&B song that brings out JB’s vocal capabilities. During the verses, he goes with a husky approach, while in the chorus, he sings with a falsetto. I like the softness in the bridge. Usually, I would comment by saying how that was easily missed or not audible. However, since the rest of the song is already quite soft, the bridge fits in well. The song had style and you can’t expect nothing less from the leader. (8/10)

7. OMW (Mark Solo ft. Jackson) – With all the solo songs on this album, Mark’s solo song featured Jackson, for some odd reason. While I do like Jackson and his solo track on this album, I wasn’t much of a fan of his section in this song. Firstly, it took time away from Mark and secondly, his delivery in this song isn’t his best (i.e. it felt like he was trying to fit in). Mark, on the other hand, made sure the song fit for himself. His lines were clear and I thought the chorus was the catchiest of all the solo songs. His singing in the bridge was also quite awesome! (8.5/10)

8. Made It (Jackson Solo) – Jumping right at you is a very strong hip-hop connection. This is type of song that I expect to hear when people say hip-hop. And it is surprisingly as there is only a few of these songs in KPOP. Jackson drives the song with his delivery of the lines and the instrumental does a good job, alongside his rapping, of hyping us. It is rather short, which is a little disappointing, as I would have liked to hear more it. (8/10)

9. My Youth (Jinyoung Solo) – Jinyoung’s song is quite upbeat and has this modern pop sound which sounds very nice. While the song does sound like it is the most plain in terms of creativity, the content within has a powerful message and it impacts you. Jinyoung’s vocals were also nice. I haven’t heard his voice shine like this in a very long time. I really like the ‘I’m Still Young’ hook after the chorus, which sounds so dreamy. I thought his deep vocals during the bridge brought contrast to the song, especially after the falsetto hook. (9/10)

10. Nobody Knows (혼자) (Youngjae Solo) – I have a thing for songs with an epic vibe. Nobody Knows delivers in terms of this ‘epic vibe’. Throwing in Youngjae’s vocals, you have a breathtaking combination. The song starts off eerie and soft. The build-up is practically non-existent, opting to suddenly throw you into the chorus. And this is where the epic vibes come from. His vocals were top notch, there is no doubt about it. I thought the bridge of the song was really interesting, which had this unexpecting Latin feel. It adds a little colour to the song, since the colour is rather grey. (9/10)

11. Party (BamBam Solo) – If you have been a reader of this site for some time, you probably know what is coming. The autotuned vocals in this song do irk me. That is probably going to be my only complaint, as I do like other sections of the song a fair bit. The instrumental has a very strong chill vibe (more than anything else) but is still fitting for a party. There is a hype factor that makes you want to get up and dance. And the parts that aren’t autotuned, such as the chorus, were nice. The song does go through very quickly, which is a little disappointing when you find yourself in the groove of the song. (8/10)

12. Fine (Yugyeom Solo) – I love the eerie vibe that Fine portrays. I personally do not think it is its main intention, but it does a pretty good job at it for me. I kind of expected that he would go down the hip-hop route for his solo track, as that is what I commonly hear is his influence. I thought the build-up to the chorus was amazing and gave off an epic vibe. I like how loud and faster his bridge (or whatever you call the final section of this song) gets, which allows the song to peak and end on a plus. (9/10)

Overall Album Review – 8.5/10

Present: You Teaser Image

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